Franzluebbers walking on at Nebraska

When you really get down to talking about football in Nebraska, some of the time it's about seeing athletic ability and really projecting a player. Some players are out of position. Some players play less than 11-man football. For head coach Ron Lund, he said that Nebraska did their homework and he is extremely proud to see one of his eight man program players get a chance in Lincoln.

The Huskers have nabbed another in-state product, Ben Franzluebbers, to walk on at Nebraska. The 6-foot-4 and 245-Franzluebbers was a standout at Dodge (Nebr.) for head coach Ron Lund.

"He's walking on at Nebraska," Coach Ron Lund said. "He was a defensive lineman and a tight end for me."

Coach Lund said that Franzluebbers was a great player for him because of his combination of size, speed and strength. As a tight end he also had good hands and on defense he could make plays.

"For our level of football, he was a big player. He's pretty fast for his size. He runs well for a big guy. Obviously if you are big and fast that is an advantage."

"He's a very good tight end, he catches the ball well. On defense, he has the size and strength to get off of the block and he has the speed to go and make plays. He was just a fantastic player for us."

Franzluebbers had a chance to get financial assistance to other schools to play football. Like so many others, Franzluebbers chose to pay his own way because of the opportunity athletically and academically.

"Yes, he certainly did. There were other, I would say smaller schools like division two and NAIA schools, who were all recruiting him very heavily."

"He was just impressed with the facilities at Nebraska, the coaching staff and the whole atmosphere of being part of a program like that was very appealing to him."

"I think that the other part of it was, the university, had the program that was going to suit his needs best, academically as well."

"I think that he wants to go into an agriculture-business program. Nebraska has programs for that to allow him to study that. Most of the other schools that were considering him didn't have that."

"He could have gone into business alone at one of those other schools, but it wouldn't have had that agriculture side of it. He grew up here in a small town and I think that agriculture is a big part of it. Not necessarily to become a farmer, but to have a job in agriculture."

Besides the athletic and academic portion of his decision also is the fulfillment of the dream to one day be a Husker. "Well, I think so. I think that mot kids that grow up playing football in Nebraska dream of one day playing for the Huskers. I think that is part of it as well."

As a high school coach in Nebraska, Coach Lund has a strong opinion about the storied walk-on program in Lincoln. So many criticized Coach Bill Callahan for destroying it. Coach Lund said that the program just needed focus and that the coaches in Lincoln are dedicated to keeping it going.

"I was real happy with it. A lot of people have the opinion that they destroyed the walk-on program down there and I don't think that they did. I think that they narrowed it and being a little more exclusive with it."

"I am very proud and happy for Ben to have that type of opportunity. I am happy with the university to see a kid from as small as a school as what we are and go after him and want him on the team."

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