Nebraska's Heartbreak to Texas Tech

Valentine's Day is a time of love and the color red. But at the Devaney Center tonight, the Nebraska women's basketball team brought out a different shade of red. It was Husker Red that covered the seats but it was the Red Raiders of Texas Tech that walked out with a 70-69 win over No. 19 Nebraska.

Texas Tech was the first to score in the game but it was Kelsey Griffin who put in the first four points for Nebraska.


Nebraska's momentum from Griffin died down quickly as Texas Tech drove in hard to the basket. Despite NU's lack of drive, they kept it close, responding to each of Tech's baskets with their own.


All across the board NU kept within a close range of Tech, everything from rebounds to turnovers. With sloppy passes and careless mistakes, it was hard for NU to pull ahead of Tech.


Towards the end of the half, Tech's Brooke Baughman and Alesha Robertson both put up long three's to keep Tech in the running.


With 3:50 left in the half, both teams were tied at 27 with the chance for either one to pull ahead. Tech took advantage of the opportunity, ending the half with a jumper by Alesha Robertson at the buzzer, putting Tech ahead, 33-27.


At the beginning of the second half, NU came out looking like a new team, shooting an impressive 80% from the field by the first time-out.


But that didn't slow down Tech, as they went on a shooting spree, with Alesha Robertson's three-pointer and Patrice Edwards' lay-up increasing the gap to 49-41.


NU had to fight back against Tech to stay in the game and gradually worked their way up. Kiera Hardy's three-pointer brought NU in Tech's range, making it 54-52.


But it was NU's Yvonne Turner's three-pointer, steal and made lay-up that forced Tech to a time-out and brought the crowd to a stand.


Despite NU's momentum, Tech kept in close range of the Huskers throughout the half, with the momentum shifting back and forth from either team. The Lady Raiders were within three points of the Huskers the rest of the game, making it a nail-biter for everyone.


With a minute to go, Kiera Hardy drove it in to put the Huskers ahead by one, forcing the crowd to their feet.


The next minute was a blur of time-outs, fouls and free throws. Tech's Patrice Edwards was fouled with 24 seconds remaining, bringing her to the line where she made both shots to put the Lady Raiders ahead by one.


NU responded with Kelsey Griffin driving to the basket and getting fouled to shoot two at the line. To many people's surprise, Griffin missed both free throws, forcing NU's Kiera Hardy to take an off-balanced three-pointer at the buzzer, only to miss.


Although Nebraska outscored Tech in the second half, it was the small baskets that counted the most. Missed free throws and lay ups may have cost NU the game.


In the second half, Tech came up 90% at the line, giving them the extra points they needed. Tech also overpowered NU on the boards, coming up with 61% on rebounds as opposed to NU's 41% for the game.


Patrice Edwards shined on the court for Tech, ending the game with 16 points, 10 rebounds and shooting 80% at the line.


On the Husker's side, it was a surprisingly slow night for Jelena Spiric, who ended the game with 5 points, 5 rebounds and 3 turnovers.


While some of the Husker's usual stars were slow, Danielle Page stepped up, scoring 14 points for NU with 8 rebounds and 100% at the line.


In a game as close as this, it's the little things that count the most and Tech took advantage of them. On this Valentine's Day, it was definitely a heartbreak for our Huskers.

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