Huskers first to offer Texas WR

In the 2007 class, Nebraska closed it out by waiting to get Curenski Gilleylen. Gilleylen, a 6-foot-0 and 210-pound wide out has that 10.5/100m speed that they wanted. Now, Nebraska is looking at another receiver from Texas with similar speed who could come in and be an immediate deep threat and a weapon on special teams.

DeSean Hales is starting to see his recruiting picking up. Hales said that he was getting attention before, but since letter of intent signing day for 2007 players is over, he has been getting more attention.

"Yeah, it's starting to," Hales said. "I am starting to get a lot more attention since the 2007 class has wrapped up. I was getting it before, but there is more of it now."

Coaches can't call these juniors yet, but there are other ways of communicating. "Yes, I am getting a lot of text messages and a lot of mail. I am getting a lot of both actually."

A text message showed up tonight for Hales bringing his total offer number to six. Before the offer tonight, Hales only had offers from schools in the Big 12.

"I have six offers now. My first one was from Nebraska, second was from Texas Tech, then Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and 20 minutes ago or so Virginia offered me by text."

Besides getting recruiting attention from the schools that have offered, Hales is getting a lot of other attention from some big name schools. One of those schools will be hosting Hales this weekend for a junior day.

"Besides those schools that have offered I have been getting stuff from LSU. Matter of fact, I am going up to their junior day this weekend. I have gotten some things from Miami. It's been pretty spread out."

LSU may be one of very few schools that get a chance to host Hales for anything before this fall. In a couple of weeks, Hales will be getting ready for track and it won't end until late in the summer.

"Besides LSU, I haven't set any other visits or anything at this time. Track season is getting ready to start so that is going to make it hard for me to take trips."

"When I get out of school track, then I have summer track. That is really for the Junior Olympics. I think that eventually I am going to just have to put that stuff aside and concentrate on football."

"I kind of just want to stick to all relays this year, but I still might consider running the 400m. My personal best 400m is 48.32. I run the 4x100m, 4x200m and 4x400m."

Getting back to football, Hales has excellent ability on the field. Although being a shade under 6-feet tall, Hales plays big. Put the ball up and he thinks that he can go up and get it.

"I think that I have a good ability to go up and fight for the ball. I have the speed to beat people deep. I also think that I play big. I know that I am 5-foot-10, but I play like a big receiver."

Hales split time on offense last year playing wide receiver and running back for Klein (Texas) Oak. He didn't spend a lot of time playing running back until about half-way through the season.

"I had 178 carries for 1,249 yards. That is averaging seven yards a carry. I had 16 touchdowns. My longest run was for 67 yards."

"As a receiver, 38 receptions for 638 yards. I averaged 16.8 yards per catch. I had six more touchdowns and my longest catch was 75 yards."

"I know that I made the all-junior team. Some sites had me down for second team all-state. I also made all-district as a running back."

"Actually, it was pretty balanced. I didn't start playing a lot of running back until about mid-way through the season. Teams are looking at my to play receiver and special teams."

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