Thorell passes up offers to walk on

In little pockets across the state, the players that are on the preferred walk on list for Nebraska, are known pretty well. They are all referred to as good players. Nearly all had offers of some sort to play in college. Instead though they took the chance to become a Cornhusker and pursue their dream.

Such is the case of Lance Thorell. Thorell a 6-foot-1 and 180 pound receiver/safety from Loomis (Nebr.) is the latest in a long list of in-state players to say yes to walk on at Nebraska.

"Actually it was a pretty easy decision for me when the opportunity came," Thorell said. "Everyone growing up in Nebraska wants to be a Husker some day. When I got that opportunity, I took my chance."

Thorell was given the chance to walk on at Nebraska fairly recently. He and his father took a trip to Lincoln and got a tour. It was after that tour, and a review of his film by Nebraska, that he was given his chance.

"It was probably right at the beginning of February or at the end of January. My dad and I went up there to Lincoln and the recruiting coordinator gave me a tour."

"I guess that they looked at some of my film. After that they called me and asked me to be a preferred walk-on."

Thorell is another to turn down offers to walk on from Nebraska. "Yeah, I did. I could have gone to Kearney or Hastings. I had offers from both."

"That is a tough decision, but just the facilities and the tradition in Lincoln is too much. It's a once in a lifetime deal. I just had to take it."

Thorell was listed as a running back, but he thinks that he will play a different position at Nebraska possibly. He only played running back because the coach needed him there in high school.

"It's still kind of up in the air. I think that I will play either wide receiver or defensive back. I just played running back my senior year."

"I can't really tell you my stats off of the top of my head. I played running back and cornerback as a senior. I was first team all-state in D1. I also got all-district and we have a Kearney Hub all-area team. I was first team in that too."

One of the reasons Thorell believes that he will play receiver in college is because of his strength catching the ball. Thorell really likes playing the receiver position.

"I think my ability to catch the ball. That is probably the biggest. I played varsity as a sophomore as a receiver. I just love running and catching the ball. My junior year and senior year they put me at running back and cornerback. I really enjoy receiver."

Before Thorell makes it to Lincoln he will start to work in the weight room. He said that there are a couple of areas that he will address the most. "Weightlifting, that is the biggest area. I want to improve my squat and bench mainly."

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