Fisher takes in Junior Day at Nebraska

One of only a couple players in the state of Nebraska that has a Nebraska offer, but hasn't committed is Sean Fisher. Fisher, an athlete that could play on offense or defense, was in Lincoln this weekend to check out junior day. While Lincoln is only minutes away, Fisher hadn't seen the new facilities recently.

One of the more heralded players that was in Lincoln this weekend was Sean Fisher from Omaha (Nebr.) Millard North. Fisher, a 6-foot-5 and 210-pound athlete with 4.8 speed, was in for Nebraska's junior day before the weather got bad.

"Yeah, I made the junior day at Nebraska," Fisher said. "We made it back in time before the weather got bad. It started getting bad about 6:30 last night or so."

This wasn't Fisher's first time on campus, but it was one of the first time that he had a chance to see some of the new facilities. He also got a chance for some time to talk to the head coach.

"I was really impressed. I hadn't got a chance see a lot of the facilities so it was nice to really catch up and get to see all of that. I got a chance to talk to Coach Bill Callahan too."

Fisher said that he really didn't get a chance to interface with any of the other junior day attendees, but he did know at least one of the other people that was there.

"No, not really. There was one other player there from my school. That was really the only other player that I knew there."

Besides Nebraska, Fisher is looking to possibly make a junior day to another Big 12 school. That other junior day is really the only other planned trip that Fisher has as of right now.

"I would like to get up to Colorado. They say that they want me to get up for a junior day or whenever I get a chance. That is really the only other thing that I have planned."

Already having an offer from Nebraska, Fisher isn't sure if he will come to the Nebraska camp this year, but he isn't opposed to it depending on what the coaches say. "I really don't know yet. I probably need to talk to them a little bit more and see what they want me to do."

Besides Nebraska's junior day, Fisher has new news in the offer department. He recently received offers number two and three. "I picked up a couple of new offers. I got offers from Colorado State and Vanderbilt."

"I have got mail from Vanderbilt before in the past, really just letters and nothing personal. I still haven't really talked to them about it. I can't get a hold of the recruiting coordinator."

"I will probably get a chance to go up and see Colorado State. I am not sure when their junior day is. When I am probably up there to see Colorado, I might just try and swing by."

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