Seniors Shine on their Night

The seniors took advantage of their last game at the Devaney Center as they lead their team to a 70-90 win over Colorado. They bounced back from their four straight losses, celebrating as the seniors stepped off the court one last time.

In the first half it was the points in the paint that put NU a step ahead of the Buffalos, recording two points for every one of Colorado's. NU took an early lead on Colorado, establishing their power within the first 5 minutes. From then on, NU kept the lead a far distance for the Buffalos to try and catch.

Although NU was giving Colorado a tough run, the Buffalos fought hard down below, ending the half with a total of 22 rebounds compared to NU's 15 rebounds. Second shots gave Colorado a chance to come back, but mistakes were made on their behalf, allowing NU to continue to power over them.

The Huskers took their time on offense, bringing down the shot clock, waiting for the perfect shot. It seemed to work, as NU went on an 8 to 1 run against Colorado.

When NU brought out the full court press, the Buffalos really had to be on their toes. Kelsey Griffin takes advantage of the press, making two steals back-to-back and finishing under the hoop.

As the end of the half was coming closer, Colorado worked hard to gain back some points. Whitney Houston drove it hard into the hoop and finished it off at the buzzer.

It was a night for the seniors and they showed their experience when they got onto the court. The seniors ended the half for the Huskers with 8 of the team's 15 rebounds and 24 of the team's 36 points.

NU came out even stronger at the beginning of the second half, increasing their lead by 13 points. The Huskers took advantage of Colorado's slow start, gaining 18 points off of the Buffalos' turnovers.

The Huskers went on a 9 to 0 run, reestablishing their power on the court. With Ashley Ford driving the ball into the basket and throwing down three-pointers, it was looking grim for the Buffalos.

Even though it was the seniors' night, the other Lady Huskers made the presence known. Yvonne Turner brought the crowd to their feet with a behind the back lay-up and forceful drive into the hoop.

With the help of Ashley Ford and Kiera Hardy, Nebraska left Colorado with no hope for a comeback.

Ford ended the night with 13 points, shooting an impressive 100% with 7 assists. But no one could touch Hardy, as she finished the game with 22 points and shooting 100% at the line.

The other two seniors, Jelena Spiric and Chelsea Aubry left their mark on the game as well. Spiric left the game with 10 points and led the team in rebounds, ending with 7 total for the night. Aubry shot 100% at the three-point line, ending the game with 12 points.

Coming off of a tough four losses, the Huskers turned it around, winning the game over Colorado, 70 -90. Although it was senior night, the rest of the team was heard. Bringing in the efforts of every player gave NU the strength to bounce back from the past weeks. Now, the Huskers must take that strength and carry it over to the Big 12 Championships in Oklahoma starting March 6th. They proved to everyone tonight that they are a force to watch out for.


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