Did Gabbert get his offer from Nebraska?

The search for a quarterback will continue no matter where you are, and for Nebraska , they continue to try and nab that top 100 kind of guy that could really be a foundation-type player for the future. Missouri prep standout Blaine Gabbert could that kind of guy. Gabbert took an unofficial to Lincoln without an offer. Is he leaving with one in hand? Read on to see for yourself.

Ballwin , Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert is quickly becoming one of the hotter QBs in all of the Midwest . The offers have picked up, and in an effort to try and make this whole recruiting process easier, Gabbert has taken some visits on his own.

His latest ended just today as the 6-4, 235 lbs. QB strolled into Lincoln for an unofficial. The interesting part here was, that he didn't have a written offer going in. But does he have one going out?

"Yeah, they offered me," Gabbert said. "I had a real nice time and coach Callahan, Watson and Cosgrove are just top-tier guys. They are good coaches, but they are really nice people too."

The visit, as with most unofficial visits over this time period, was a way to get the lay of the land in regard to what the campus was like, along with the facilities and, of course, to explore the academics of this particular college. Gabbert said that the big red got big marks all the way around. "The facilities were awesome. Everything was just top of the line," he said. "And they have the highest graduation rate in the big 12, so it's hard to argue with that."

In the course of this brief investigation of sorts, while Gabbert may have to rely on coaches and others from the University to let him in on everything he needed to know, he had a luxury with his visit to Lincoln . Two current Huskers (Michael McNeil and Keith Williams) are both Blaine 's home town, and they were very useful in giving Blaine all the information he really wanted to know.

"I hunt out with Mike pretty much the whole deal and of course, I asked a lot of questions," he said. "Mike is normally a pretty positive person and great to be around, and he had nothing but good things to say about what it's like at Nebraska ."

While the inside scoop is always valuable, there are the obvious concerns Gabbert has as it relates to his position. The offense is a pretty big one. To that end, Blaine looks at Bill Callahan's version of the west coast and had one word to describe how it fit what he knew he could do.

"It's perfect for me," he said. "it's a pro-style, but you have a little spread in there and you have a little run n' gun. I run the spread at my school, and I think this offense really suits what I can do."

As a junior Gabbert  threw for 1,523 yards and 20 touchdowns and added an additional 458 yards on the ground to help lead his team to an 8-2 record. Obviously this year he's expecting a lot more. But even before his final season arrives, he could know where his future college will be. He has one more unofficial visit scheduled, this one to take place at the University of Iowa this Friday, and after that, it's not certain.

One thing is certain, though, and that's  the general timeframe and how long everyone will have to wait before Gabbert makes his decision. "I don't know when, but it's going to be sooner rather than later," he said. "I am pretty certain of that."

We'll catch up with Gabbert after his unofficial to Iowa and keep you up-to-date on just where the big red stands.

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