Nebraska hosts QB on Junior Day

The quarterback recruiting is always closely followed. It's the choice that those players make that want to play that position. Quarterback is easily the most celebrated and ridiculed position on the field. It's also become an interesting position at Nebraska considering the requirements for a quarterback have shifted from running 4.3's to being an efficient passer.

There is a new name for Husker fans to consider at quarterback. Peter Badovinac, a 6-foot-2 and 203-pound quarterback from Wilmette (Ill.) Loyola Academy, took in the recent junior day.

"I attended the junior day in Lincoln," "We had a very good time in Nebraska. The facilities were just amazing."

Badovinac said that the facilities kind of caught him off guard. He had heard the stories about how nice they actually were, but nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.

"I had heard that the facilities were nice, but they were ridiculously nice. From the weight room to the locker room to the academic center; everything was just great."

The Badovinac's flew into Nebraska early and made it to Lincoln on Friday night. Their stay was extended the next night in Omaha.

"We ended up getting caught in Omaha over night. We actually came into Lincoln the night before and when we heard about the weather we tried to get one of the first flights back to Chicago."

Badovinac had a very good year last year for Loyola Academy. He earned honors for his junior year, but the most impressive honor came just a couple of weeks ago.

"I was 139 of 253 for 1,893 yards and 15 touchdowns. I was first team all-conference. The Chicago Sun-Times had me as a top 100 player. About a week ago they named me as one of the top 10 players for the class of 2008."

There aren't any offers on the table yet for Badovinac, but some should be showing up shortly. There is a long list of teams that he said seemed to be interested.

"I don't have any offers as of right now, but I anticipate I will be getting some soon. I am hoping anyway. I would say Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan State, Northwestern, Colorado, and Wisconsin all seem very interested."

Badovinac is looking for a football program whose school has good academics. He is used to having a little more of an academic load then what a typical high school might have. He also just received a very good score on his ACT.

"Obviously the football program is the number one concern of mine. After that it would be the academics. I actually just got a 31 on my recent ACT score that I got back last week. So, academics and athletics."

Besides knowing what he wants in a school, Badovinac hasn't placed a timeline for him to commit. He is going to take in some more junior days before the summer starts. "I really don't have a timeline for a commitment. I haven't established anything along those lines."

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