Jones takes in Junior Day at Nebraska

The tight end position was easily the most neglected position in last year's recruiting class for Nebraska. It wasn't because they didn't try, they just missed. It seems that Nebraska has located one of their top tight end prospects in a neighboring state. This past weekend he was in for a junior day in Lincoln and came away impressed.

One of the top tight ends in the nation will be Andrew Jones of Smithville (Mo.). The 6-foot-6 and 225-pound Jones recently took in junior day at Nebraska.

"Yeah, I was up in Lincoln," Jones said. "We got in and out alright. The weather was fine. It really didn't do anything."

One of the things that Jones noted about his trip to Nebraska was how it had changed from his sophomore year. Nebraska recently expanded their facilities and Jones was impressed.

"It was a lot of fun. The last time I was up there was my sophomore year and they didn't have everything done. They weren't in the new weight room. The new weight room and stuff is real impressive."

"The locker room is nuts. The keypad to get in there, the wood lockers and you get to pick what picture you want of yourself above your locker. That is pretty cool."

In addition to being impressed with the facilities, Jones was as impressed with the academics at Nebraska. He saw improvements being made to the academic center and the number of academic all-Americans caught him off guard.

"Dennis LeBlanc was really telling us about all of the new academic center stuff. They are putting in a new fireplace in the academic center."

"Then he showed us a wall that had all of their academic all-Americans. It really said something about going to play football there and getting your education."

"There was just so much for them to talk about. I mean, Nebraska has had more academic all-Americans than any other school has had. Even MIT, Notre Dame and stuff. I never knew that about Nebraska until Saturday."

Jones went up there with his coach and not anyone else from his family. However, it seems that the family could be set to make the next trip to Lincoln with Andrew for the spring game.

"I went up there with my coach and his girlfriend. My parents haven't been up there before. I think that they will probably be going to the spring game with me, potentially."

The visit, to Jones, probably couldn't have been any more perfect. Maybe the only thing that could be said was that Nebraska didn't have a tight ends coach at the time of his visit. He did get a chance to talk football with the other coaches though.

"It couldn't have been anymore perfect for me. They hadn't hired a tight end coach by then and I was in with the receiver coach talking about the offense."

"Then I went into Coach Bill Callahan's office and we spoke to him for a pretty long time. He was very down to Earth. I never thought a head coach would have been like that. I had a real good trip. It was a lot of fun."

Besides the Nebraska spring game, Jones has some other trips in sight. He is looking at his next trip being as early as this coming weekend and then there will be one right before the spring game in Lincoln.

"The Oklahoma spring game is right before Nebraska's. I am also going to go to Notre Dame's junior day this weekend. I don't have an offer from them yet. They said that they are just waiting to see me."

The trip to Notre Dame will be a first for Jones. He really doesn't know what to expect. He is making this trip with some other high school coaches.

"I really don't know. I have never been there. All of my coaches want to take me up there. They also want to hit the college football hall of fame."

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