Nebraska after "Major" prospect

When you are already sitting on 24 offers, one might not be surprised if the effect of each offer after that isn't as powerful as the first ones you received. Welcome to linebacker Jon Major's world. Touted as one of the best LB prospects in the nation the offers have been piling up. One of his most recent offers is from Nebraska . The question is: how much does this one mean?

I suppose that when you have been recruited in some fashion or another since your sophomore year, you can get a little numb to it all. The brochures, the media guides, the text-messages – it's one of those "been there, done that" sort of things.

Colorado prep star Jon Major would admit to this whole thing called recruiting becoming a little repetitive, but that doesn't lessen the gratitude he has for each moment of attention he gets. "It gets crazy and sometimes it feels like you can't get away from it, but I'm very fortunate to be in this position," Jon said. "It's a reward for working as hard as I have to get to this point, and I guess the more attention I get, the happier I feel about everything I have done to get to this point."

One of the most recent schools to jump on the Major-Bandwagon was the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Being from Colorado , you can imagine that Major has some feelings toward the big red, either very positive or going completely the other way. Major said that there really wasn't a feeling for them one way or the other, though, because up until a couple of years ago football wasn't that big of a thing for him. "I really never got into following teams or even into college football until about two years ago," he said. "I didn't pay attention to who was doing what or any of that. I guess what I know about Nebraska is that they had a pretty big shift in the kind of offense they ran. But I really don't know much more than that."

It wasn't that long ago Major had what he called a tentative top seven. Colorado , Michigan , Wisconsin , Oklahoma , Stanford, Penn State and Northwestern all were lucky enough to make his first attempt at trying to narrow it down. But the offers are still coming and he's starting to get to know other coaches more and more, almost on a daily basis, and he says that at this point a "real" list is just hard to have.

"I'm not ready to say anyone is definitely in or anyone is definitely out. I haven't even gotten close to that point yet," he said. "There are a lot of things that are important to me, but getting to know the coaches is definitely up there, and it seems like new coaches are coming around all the time."

As a linebacker, Major stands a hearty 6 foot, 4 inches and weighs 225 pounds. Despite his size Major said that not every school is looking at shoving him inside. That's fine with him, as this ballhawk was able to utilize solid speed on the field, being able to cover sideline-to-sideline and close on ball-carriers with apparent ease. That equated to over 100 tackles last year as a junior, including 15 for loss. Major also added three forced fumbles and one interception. Oh, and he missed four games last year as well.

That makes him an obviously hot commodity, and someone that will probably only get more and more popular as the off-season progresses, and well into his final season of prep ball. The one thing Major wont' do, though, is let the pressure get to him and make him decide perhaps a little sooner than he'd like. "That's important, because whatever happens I have to make sure this is the right decision for me," Jon said. "If it takes a long time to do that, that's just how things have to go. I won't rush this, because there's all this attention."

"I'm actually enjoying it right now and I have a lot of great schools to choose from."

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