Huskers heavily recruiting California QB

And people thought that things slowed down in the summer. Try telling that to Dayne Crist. The 6-foot-5 and 225 pound quarterback from Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame has scheduled a number of visits and trips for the spring and the summer already. While he has some set there are also a number of others that he would like to take. Where is Crist going this spring and summer?

The attention has fully turned to the seniors to be and one of the top quarterbacks for next year will be 6-foot-5 and 225-pound Dayne Crist. Crist, from powerhouse Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame, has seen his popularity take off since signing day.

"It's definitely heated up," Crist said. "It really exploded after signing day. It's been pretty busy since that point."

Besides the page literally turning to the current juniors after signing day, Crist also helped get the word out about himself at the U.S. Army Combine in San Antonio.

"I think that the combine helped as well. I think that I played pretty good. It was a little tough coming off that gap between the season, but I thought for the most part that I played pretty well."

Notre Dame is a school that is typically in the running for the state title every year, but they fell a little short last year. "We went 11-1. That one loss ended our season and obviously that isn't how we wanted to go out."

"I thought that we had a great team last year with the potential to compete for a state title. Some schools may be satisfied with that type of year or season, but that is not how we look at things at Notre Dame."

"We are looking to win a championship every year and if we aren't getting to that point, then we aren't satisfied. We had some good points to the season, but overall if we are not winning a championship, then I am not going to be satisfied."

In seven games, Crist threw for over 1,200 yards. In the season opener, he suffered a back injury, but fully recovered and pulled down some amazing honors considering the circumstances.

"I don't know what my overall stats were, but I had 17 touchdowns to three interceptions. I went first team all-league, all-state underclassmen, offensive MVP on the team and some others."

While someone might look at Crist's size and say that he is "prototypical" he believes that you can't measure his biggest strengths with a ruler. You really just need to see him on the field and see him operate.

"I think my competitiveness and overall desire. I am going to do whatever it takes to win. I can make plays with my feet or make plays with my arm, whatever it takes I am going to do it 100%."

Crist knows that he is going to get his shot to play college football, but he also knows that there is room for improvement. He is spending his time working on one key area this off-season.

"I think you could ask any quarterback this and they would say that you can always improve on your accuracy. Unless you are 100% on the game you aren't satisfied. So, trying to become as accurate as possible and to continue to work on accuracy."

There are a handful of offers already on the table to Crist and more may be soon to come. When Crist makes his choice about where he will attend school it will be because that school offered the complete package.

"I have seven offers. They're from Notre Dame, LSU, Oregon, Minnesota, Duke, Arizona and Iowa. I am definitely looking for the total package. I want to get a degree and graduate, wherever I go."

"I am also looking at the overall comfort level; that's with the school, the team and the coaches obviously. I will start to dwindle things down and look at playing time, the depth chart and when you are going to get a chance to compete. I am going to work hard and earn a job."

"I think that USC, California, Nebraska, Stanford, Virginia are a few that I think could offer. Those are the ones that are giving me a lot of attention right now."

Crist is looking to stay busy over the rest of the spring and the summer. His plans start in March and won't end until some time this summer. They will lead him all over the nation and then right back home again.

"Other than San Antonio, I attended UCLA and USC's junior days. I am taking a trip down to LSU this month for their spring game. I am heading up to Notre Dame to see them practice and their spring game. The day after that I am competing in the Nike combine at USC."

"I am also looking to be part of the Elite 11 for the quarterbacks. Obviously, I would like to squeeze in some time for some other unofficials, but those are the main things that I have set up right now."

Check out these junior highlights of Dayne Crist in action during his junior season.

- Clip 1

- Clip 2

- Clip 3

- at U.S. Army Combine

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