Crist picks up number eight

Dayne Crist is seeing his stock increase. Another week, another offer. Now, Crist is taking part in the Air 7 QBU Camp with some of the biggest names on the West Coast and is solidifying himself as one of the nation's best. Crist took some time to talk about this camp experiences so far and also talk about the new offer that he picked up literally days before.

At 6-foot-5 and 225-pounds, Dayne Crist could stand out in a crowd just about anywhere. At a premier quarterback camp today, Crist found out that his skills compare favorably to the other top-rated, west coast quarterbacks.

"I just got back from the Air 7 Camp," Crist said. "Steve Clarkson runs it. I think that I threw pretty well. It's a continuation and the next camp is next weekend. There are some pretty big names out there with me."

"There is some big names out there. It's Nick Chrissman from Edison, Gerell Robinson from Arizona, Dominique Blackman from Carson, Graham Wilbert from Valencia and Ryan Griffin from Chaminade."

"The top names from California are out there, as well as some big ones from out of state. It's real competitive and that's what makes it so good."

Crist said that he thought he performed at a high level today and enjoyed the competitiveness of the camp. "It was competitive. I thought that I was right there with them and that I made a name for myself as well."

Just last week, when Big Red Report last caught up with Crist, he was holding seven offers. That total number of offers increased by one late last week.

"I am up to eight offers. The last time we spoke it was seven. I had LSU, Notre Dame, Oregon, Iowa, Duke, Minnesota, and Arizona. Nebraska just offered me."

"I got the Nebraska offer on Friday. I kind of saw this one coming. I spoke to Coach Bill Callahan for a while on the phone. It was a good talk. I haven't had a chance to talk with Coach Shawn Watson yet on the phone. We have exchanged text messages."

Crist's schedule is busy, to say the least. Between the camps, combines and visits, Crist is trying to get everything scheduled. The offer from Nebraska comes behind a lot of other plans for the summer.

"I have definitely thought about it. My schedule is nuts right now. I have been working on it, trying to figure this out."

Crist has trips set up to see LSU and Notre Dame in the coming weeks. Those two trips might indicate to some a favoritism for those two schools, but those two trips are also to see two teams that offered him early in the process.

"With LSU and Notre Dame, everyone says that I am taking trips there, but they were honestly two of my first four offers. As I got them, I kind of put them down."

"I like both of the schools a lot, but they offered me early and got a trip locked up early. Now that I am getting these other offers I am just going to see what else I can do."

The offer from Nebraska will get it's consideration from Crist. He is still working on pulling all the plans together. "I am working on this, literally every day. Don't get me wrong. I am interested. It's just a matter of getting things straightened out."

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