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It won't be too long now for Keanon Cooper before he really considers the handful of offers that he already has. Unlike so many others, Cooper refuses to get too caught up in recruiting before he actually gets qualified to go to school. He has already missed a junior day to get his SAT test in and it shouldn't be long now before recruiting gets it's due attention.

Dallas (Texas) Skyline has had the headliner each of the past two years on defense. Mike Morgan. Christian Scott. This year might be a little different because there might be more than one.

One of those main players on the Skyline defense, which will be loaded this year, will undoubtedly be Keanon Cooper. Cooper, a 6-foot-0 and 195-pound safety with 4.5-speed knows that the defense will be loaded this year at Skyline.

"Yes sir," Cooper said. "We are going to have a pretty good defense this year."

Like so many, Cooper has really seen their recruiting stock soar since signing day for the current seniors.

"Most colleges were waiting trying to get their current class together. Before, I wasn't getting a lot of interest, but as soon as signing day came things have picked up."

There are a handful of schools that are giving Cooper the most attention. "I would say Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama, Kansas State and I just talked to Duke."

"I am up to six offers, I believe. They're from Wisconsin, Alabama, Minnesota, Kansas State, Duke and Texas Tech."

A couple of Big 10 schools that have been really hitting Texas hard so far are Minnesota and Wisconsin. It surprised Cooper and his coaches a little by their interest considering who has come out in the years passed.

"It really surprised me to see Wisconsin and Minnesota come this far south. My coaches were also surprised, because we have had players like Michael Morgan and Christian Scott and they never came by before."

"I really kind of look at that as an honor. They didn't recruit those players before and now they are coming down here and recruiting us and that is real big."

On the field, one thing will stand out to you about Cooper. He plays the game in fifth gear, all the time, going 100 miles an hour. He says that his speed doesn't let him get burned.

"Definitely my speed. I like to play fast all the time and sometimes you are doing something that you aren't supposed to be doing. Having that speed can get you out of trouble."

"I have that type of speed. I am aggressive on the field and I also play smart too. It's important to know the game plan, read your keys and it can make you look like a much better player."

Skyline had a good year last year and is looking to improve this year. Cooper had a very solid year nearly getting into every defensive statistic imaginable and he landed some very serious honors because of it. One honor, maybe his biggest, he got before his junior year.

"We went 7-4 last year. I believe that I had 143 tackles, five sacks, six fumble recoveries, five forced fumbles, one blocked punt and I had two defensive touchdowns."

"I ended up getting first team all-district. I also took pride in being named a team captain. I didn't view myself really as a leader coming into my junior year, so to get named a team captain was a huge honor and that they players look up to you."

Cooper is ready to start spending some time hitting combines and camps. He was supposed to hit a junior day in Norman, but because of a prior obligation he had to miss that junior day.

"I know that I am going to the combine in Dallas. The other day I got one for the Nike combine over in Fort Worth. I had to miss Oklahoma's junior day because I had to take the SAT."

Cooper is serious about getting qualified. He really isn't even considering the offers that he has received because he knows that it's on him to get qualified first before any of it can become a reality. It's an approach that people don't hear about too often, but must appreciate.

"I don't really have any favorites right now. I am waiting to get my SAT score back. Once I am qualified, get that off my back, then I will start looking at the offers. I am just waiting for all of the offers to come in and then narrow things down."

Check out these junior highlights of Keanon Cooper in action during his junior season.

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