Taking it all in stride

The word traveled pretty quick about Arthur Brown. First it was a great summer camp last year and he followed that up with a terrific season at Wichita (Kans.) East. Since then, just about everyone has taken notice. Brown again turned heads in San Antonio this January at the U.S. Army combine. Still, he sees an increase in recruiting interest on almost a weekly basis.

At 6-foot-2 and 225-pounds, Arthur Brown is bigger than some high school defensive ends. He is a linebacker though and a real good one. A standout out Wichita (Kans.) East is still seeing his popularity soar.

"It really heats up every week it seems like," Brown said. "I have been contacted by a lot of different writers lately and I have been in contact with a lot more coaches then I was before."

Brown is getting attention that he would term "in the area". That is really three or four schools, but he is getting a lot of mail from that small piece of the overall list.

"I would have to say Oklahoma, Kansas State and Nebraska. Really, a lot from the schools around here and in the Big 12. It's been a lot."

Besides those area teams, Brown is getting attention from some of the top teams of the major conferences around the nation. He admits, more than he could list that his mail comes from all over.

"Out of state would be Florida, UCLA, Notre Dame, Georgia and Georgia Tech also send me a lot of mail. It's really from all over."

Brown isn't letting the attention go to his head. He really looks at recruiting interest and offers differently than some. He is also not in a hurry to make a decision about where to attend college.

"Right now it's an honor to be spoken about the way I have been. Basically, I am just trying to take it all in stride, not trying to come to a decision and just taking it slow."

Brown hit some summer camps and spring games last year, but beyond a camp that he will be attending in April he doesn't have any other plans.

"I recently just found out that we are supposed to go to Florida for some type of camp, but I am not sure what kind of camp that is. That is all I am aware of right now. That is in April."

Asking Arthur Brown to break down Arthur Brown he said that there are some things that he believes are his biggest strengths. "I think it's how I react when the ball is going wherever it goes. It's also my speed and strength."

Brown plays an aggressive style of football and he nearly had 160 tackles last year. He got about every honor he could have. "I had 158 tackles and about eight to 10 sacks last year. I got all-city, all-metro and all-state honors last year."

Brown did make the trip to San Antonio for a combine in January. He said that he noted the great competition and that he thought he compared well, but didn't perform as well as he thought he could have.

"I did go down to San Antonio for the U.S. Army All-American combine. It's always good to be around great players. I really think that I played quite well. I could have done better, prepared more, but I still think that I did pretty good."

While Brown is one of the most heavily pursued players in the nation, and he has the offers to show for it, he just couldn't tell you how many offers. He did name off some of the significant offers.

"A lot of people have been asking that, but I am really not sure. Some of the big ones are Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Michigan, Kansas State, Nebraska, UCLA, Arkansas, Clemson, Missouri, Colorado and most of the Big 12 schools."

While Brown will undoubtedly be playing on Saturdays next year he still knows that there are improvements to make in his game. "I am trying to elevate my whole game. I am working on my speed, my quickness, my explosiveness and my reaction."

Check out these junior highlights of Arthur Brown in action during his junior season.

LB/RB #32 Arthur Brown

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