Leslie holding onto three offers

The move in the defensive secondary is to add height. 5-foot-11+ defensive backs who match up better to 6-foot-3+ wide receivers. It's a difficult balance. Sometimes you give up speed when you gain height, or they lose it in the hips. This defensive back though went to San Antonio as a safety prospect and showed his versatility as a cornerback.

Brandon Leslie is a 6-foot-1 and 185-pound safety from Fresno (Calif.) Edison. He will be making an unofficial visit here in the coming weeks while he and his team have already been working out for the fall getting ready for spring ball.

"We don't have spring break for another week or so," Leslie said. "I got invited to go to the spring game at Notre Dame and I think that I will be heading up there soon."

"We are already doing some unofficial workouts. We are just working out. We don't start spring practice for a while."

Leslie is working to improve his game since the end of last season. As a safety, he has been working at playing centerfield a bit better and is looking to make some improvements in his physical strength.

"I have been working on playing and locating the deep ball. I am also working on the strength in my lower body and also my bump and run coverage."

One thing that college teams must like about Leslie is his versatility. He can play any position in the secondary. "I can play anything in the secondary. At Edison I either play free safety or strong safety."

"I went to the Army combine in San Antonio. They really liked how I covered, as a safety I was covering the receivers working out as a cornerback, and they didn't expect me to cover as well as I did."

Leslie is up to three offers. The first offer he received came to him in October and it was an offer that he appreciated because it was a team that was showing him a lot of attention at the time.

"I have three offers from Stanford, Nebraska and Washington. The first offer was from Nebraska and I got that offer way back in October."

"Getting that Nebraska offer meant a lot to me. That was pretty much my favorite one because Nebraska had showed the most love right from the start."

The Nebraska interest has at least been equaled if not surpassed by a few other teams. There are a lot of team though that are hot on the trail of Leslie and more offers are sure to follow.

"Not so much, but they still keep in touch with me. They are sending me a lot of letters. The teams that are really coming on lately are Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Tennessee."

"I think that offers could be coming from Oregon, Georgia Tech, possibly Notre Dame, Oregon State, Arizona, and California. There are three players that are from Edison that are at Cal right now."

Leslie says that as a safety that he is very aggressive and is an instinctual safety. He has great vision at his safety position and can make plays.

"I would say my aggressive style, I like to jump on the ball. I like to anticipate where the ball is going to be going and play on instinct. I think also my vision. I can see the whole field from where I am at. I am aware of everything."

When it comes to Leslie picking out a school he is looking for a chance to come in and play. He isn't an interested in finding a school that has warm weather or is closer to home.

"I am just looking for the opportunity to play. Somewhere that I can fit in as a team member. Location and weather doesn't really matter to me. I can get used to that."

Leslie doesn't have any plans beyond going to Notre Dame for their spring game except maybe hitting a couple of camps. He knows that he will be taking all of this visits this fall.

"Besides Notre Dame is all that I have set up right now. I might be going to the Tennessee camp and the Oregon Nike camp. I will take all of my officials this year."

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