Maryland lineman holding Nebraska offer

Nebraska has already received commitments from two offensive tackles, but the search is still on to bulk up the offensive line after only taking two offensive lineman the year before. The Huskers have spotted a top offensive lineman on the east coast and have offered early. This offensive tackle has gotten his time run blocking and pass blocking in high school and does both very well.

One of the top offensive lineman in the nation this year will be Lane Clelland. Clelland, a 6-foot-5 and 265-pound lineman from Owings Mills (MD) McDonough School, is taking a bit of a break now, but is coming back to get right back to work.

"It's fine," Clelland said. "I am on vacation right now with my family, but we are actually getting ready to head back pretty soon."

Clelland has been working on tuning up his game since the season ended. "I have been working on my footwork and my explosiveness. I have been working on my speed too."

As a lineman, Clelland has a chance to do an equal amount of run and pass blocking. He is equally good at both and he doesn't prefer one over the other. However, every now and then he does enjoy a good run block.

"I think that my strengths are my run blocks. My coaches say that I am good at finishing my blocks. On pass blocking, I can do that pretty well. You just take on the defender. It doesn't matter which one I get to do. I like to do both. Run blocking is a little more fun once in a while."

Clelland is currently sitting on three offers. All three schools are typically top 25 programs and offer Clelland a great opportunity to go on and play college football. That is something that he has seen his older brother already do.

"I have Maryland, Notre Dame and Nebraska. They are definitely some good ones. They are all great opportunities. It's all an honor. My brother was a player at Northwestern and did really well. I just want the same opportunity."

While the trip that Clelland is on now is for pleasure, the business picks back up about as soon as he gets back home. He leaves again, mid-week, to take in some unofficial visits. The rest of the plans this spring and summer will consist of camps and working out.

"We leave on Thursday night for Michigan, onto Notre Dame then onto Northwestern. I am going to try and go to some one day camps."

"I will work out again all summer, of course. I will get a chance to work on some specific things and work on my conditioning."

Clelland didn't know if he would visit Nebraska this summer or not, but he did have something to say about when he got the Nebraska offer. "When I got the Nebraska offer I got a little bit of a "wow" feeling. It's a pretty cool situation."

Clelland has had a chance to talk to his brother a lot about choosing a school. He knows that he is looking for a feeling of just being comfortable when he gets there as well as some other key items.

"I am looking to fit in with the kids that are already there, the coaching staff and the whole style. I just want to feel comfortable. My brother explained it to me, that feeling he got when he knew, and that is what I am looking for."

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