Spikes getting Nebraska interest

An injury hasn't been enough to keep interest away from Kevin Spikes. A complete tear of his right ACL last season basically cost Spikes the entire season. The success that Spikes enjoyed as a sophomore reminds people of the type of player that he is. Spikes is still waiting on his first offer and it could come any day.

The Dallas (Texas) W.W. Samuell product, Kevin Spikes, is still looking for his first offer. The 5-foot-8 and 175-pound cornerback with 4.4 speed obviously has some questions regarding his health.

"I don't have any offers yet," Spikes said. "None that I know of. I am still looking for my first offer."

"I got hurt this past year in the opening district game. I tore my right ACL. I have been rehabbing and I can run in straight lines, not cuts. I will be out this spring, most likely. I will be ready for the fall camp though."

Spikes was chosen to be a captain at Samuell despite only being a junior. He knew how important it was going to be to follow up a very successful sophomore season. After the injury, he did all that he could do to help his team.

"It hurt a lot to not be part of this team. I was a captain and I was off to a good start. It was going to be a very important year."

"I tried to encourage my teammates to keep working hard even though times were going a little hard. I heard a saying from a great coach, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Despite the season ending injury, Spikes has been receiving considerable recruiting interest. He is getting double-digit letters a day and is hearing from some very prestigious football schools.

"It's been coming in pretty heavy lately. I usually get 10-12 letters a day, really. The main schools are Nebraska, LSU, TCU, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Arizona, Illinois and Texas Tech."

Spikes believes that he can be a force on the field anywhere, but that he is best on returns. He does love to play defensive back or wide receiver when given the chance. Some might pick on him because of his height, but he has a vertical that makes up for it.

"I really think that I am betting on special teams then cornerback. I have great field vision. I do love playing cornerback, being one on one with a 6-foot-5 receivers. As a receiver, I love to block."

"They think that because I am 5-foot-8 that they can pick on me. I am ready for them. I can jump. I have a 36 or 38-inch vertical jump. I'll be ready for them."

Spikes is looking for a few key things when it comes to picking out a school. "I am looking for a good program, the relationship with the coaches and just how much love they will show me. How much attention they give me."

Spikes is looking forward to getting back on the field and following up a great sophomore season. His sophomore year he was an all-district selection on offense and defense and received an even bigger honor.

"I don't know what my stats were last year before I got hurt or as a sophomore. As a sophomore though I was voted the district 9-5A sophomore of the year and all-district as a receiver and cornerback."

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