Floyd up to close to 20 offers

While Minnesota isn't a hotbed for college recruiting, Michael Floyd will be drawing the best teams from around the nation to St. Paul (Minn.) Cretin-Durham to see him. As a wide receiver, he has the size and the speed that you look for. He knows how to use it too. Week after week, people think that they can defend Floyd and he just keeps making plays.

Michael Floyd enjoys getting out on days that he can to work out. In Minnesota, they don't have spring practice, but the players at St. Paul (Minn.) Cretin-Durham have been working out together.

"It's been nice up here," Floyd said. "I have been working out. We don't have a spring practice, but the team has been working out."

Since the end of last fall, Floyd has been working on a couple of key areas. "I've been working on my quickness and just my route running. Those have been the biggest things."

Besides working out with the team, Floyd is also running track. "I am running track right now. I am running the 400m. My best time was a last year was 51 seconds. We haven't had any meets yet this year."

Floyd is well into double-digits for his offer total. There were three teams that really offered him first last summer. Two were after camps and one came from up the road.

"I am up to close to 20 offers. The first teams to offer were Iowa and Notre Dame when I went to both of their camps. Actually, Minnesota was the first to offer."

Floyd has had some time too to take in some trips. "I have been Notre Dame junior day, Wisconsin junior day, Minnesota junior and I am going to go to Iowa junior day."

"Beyond the Iowa junior day, I don't have anything planned, really. I basically have what I want with the schools I want to look at. I might go to Florida just to go to camp."

Floyd is thinking that a trimming of the list might be a good idea. "I need to sit down with my coaches about that. I really haven't made a decision to cut people off. I am getting to that point."

"I would say Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and UCLA are the schools pretty much. I have offers from all of them."

Floyd says that his size and his explosiveness are his biggest strengths on the field. On the field, he is a match-up problem for everyone.

"Probably being physical and explosive. I am bigger than mostly everyone. That comes up big in one on one, and so does my explosiveness."

"There are a lot of people up here that try and stop me because they think that they are bigger or faster. Everytime I get the best of them."

The Huskers have extended Floyd an offer. He said that the Nebraska offer came in a flurry of other offers and that he was unable to name the recruiting coach or when Nebraska offered.

"Yes, Nebraska has offered me. I don't really remember when they offered exactly. I just get mail from them quite a bit. The same guy sends me letters, but I can't remember his name."

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