The next Nebraska commitment?

If there is a position that might need some help in the next recruiting class it might be at defensive end. The end position isn't very deep for Nebraska right now and it would be nice to bring in a base end, high school prospect. This recruit fits the bill and he will be in Lincoln for the spring game.

Since the end of the wrestling season, Riley Reiff has been staying busy. He has been working out and went right into track season for Parkston (S.D.).

"Yeah, I am in track right now," Reiff said. "I do the shot and discus."

Reiff will take a time out from the track schedule to make an unofficial visit in the upcoming weeks. "I will be in Lincoln for the Nebraska spring game on the 14th."

This isn't the first time that Reiff will be to Lincoln, but it will be the first time in a long time that he will have seen the stadium or seen what Lincoln is like for a spring game.

"I have been there. I was there for a game when I was in the 6th grade and I have also been to wrestling camp."

On the visit, Reiff is hoping to get some idea about how things work and he would like to check out the campus and get a feeling about everything.

"I don't know, just really how they do things around there. I really want to get a feeling for the school."

There have been some things said to Reiff about his upcoming trip to Lincoln. Reiff is interested in seeing Memorial Stadium sell out for a spring game.

"I have heard some things. I have heard it's pretty crazy. I have heard that they will sell it out."

Reiff knows that something can be said for the Nebraska fan base selling out the stadium for a spring game. "It's pretty impressive to know that they sell out their stadium for a spring game. It just says something about their fans."

Things are still quiet on the recruiting front in terms of offers to Reiff. He still only has the three offers. "I still just have the three offers. They are from Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa."

Reiff admitted that if everything is right the weekend in Lincoln that he could see himself pulling the trigger on a commitment. "Yes, there is a chance that I will commit."

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