Gabbert not as close as some think

The famous quote from Blaine Gabbert on his commitment status was that he wanted to commit "sooner before later". While he still wants to commit early, it's not as early as he may have once planned. There seems to be a few teams out in front, but a few new ones have him re-thinking his commitment timeline.

Even on break, Blaine Gabbert stayed busy. Spring break was last week for Gabbert and he was in Florida. It wasn't a recreational visit though.

"Yeah, I was on spring break last week," Gabbert said. "We played baseball all week. It got pretty hectic. The weather was nice, really warm."

Baseball has Gabbert very busy. In fact, as soon as he returned from Florida he was back out on the field getting ready for an upcoming game.

"Right as soon as we got back, that day, we had practice because we had a game the next day. It's keeping me busy. It's brutal sometimes."

In the time the he can make, Gabbert is getting in some recruiting work. "Recruiting is a little hectic, sometimes tough to get things in, but I am having fun."

Gabbert returned from a visit about three weeks ago and has two coming up. He will be out to see a couple of his current favorites have their spring games.

"I am going to the Nebraska spring game on April 14 and I am going to Missouri for their spring game the next weekend."

"I visited Iowa about three weeks ago. I don't have any plans to take in any of their spring practices or game because of my baseball schedule being so hectic."

Gabbert knows a little about what to expect next weekend in Lincoln. He says that the atmosphere for a practice really says something about the fans at Nebraska.

"I am looking forward to seeing the crowd. They get 85,000 fans in there for their spring game. They are die-hard fans and really care about their program."

There isn't anything in Lincoln that Gabbert needs to really get another look at. The weekend in Lincoln, and Columbia, will be spent entirely taking in football related activities.

"I will probably just hang around with the coaches. We are coming in on Friday, so I will probably just hang around with them. I have already done the academic tour. This will probably be all football."

Considering some of Gabbert's comments previously on committing, wanting to commit sooner before later, some might view these two trips as coming to then end of the road. Gabbert isn't so sure about that anymore.

"I really couldn't tell you. My view on things have kind of changed. I really want to get all of the information before I make a decision."

"I really want to sit down and make a good, educated decision. I really don't want to force things, finding something out, decommitting and then regretting committing early."

Gabbert just wants to get a closer look at a couple of things at his favorite schools. Beyond the favorites, there are a couple of schools that are grabbing his attention lately that he might want to go and visit.

"I really want to see how the spring goes after some of these games. I want to find out about the depth at the quarterback position, like who is first and second team. I would also like to go and see a few more places that I won't name right now."

After the two spring games, and possibly another trip or two to some other schools, Gabbert is looking to hit a couple of combines and maybe another combine if he can fit it in.

"I know that I am going to a Nike combine and the Elite 11 camp. Beyond those two, I don't know what else I am doing. I was told about a combine in Kansas City."

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