Possible no-shows next weekend

It's getting to be that time of year when a lot of things typically fall on the same weekend. It's a matter now of choosing what needs to be done over what you really want to do sometimes. For a couple of in-state players from Nebraska, what they need to do might get in the way of what they want to do next weekend.

The Nebraska spring game is a valuable recruiting tool just to sell the enthusiasm of the Nebraska fan base. The Huskers will pack in 80,000+ into Memorial stadium for what really is a practice.

That practice though, has recently become a huge draw for fans and recruits alike. For a pair of recruits from Nebraska, it's one of those things that they didn't want to miss either this year.

Sean Fisher wants to be there. The 6-foot-5 and 210-pound athlete from Omaha (Nebr.) Millard North is holding a Nebraska offer and had the spring game on his calendar, but something has come to his attention.

"I really wanted to get to Nebraska's spring game," Fisher said. "I am not sure if I will be able to or not. I am supposed to take the ACT that weekend."

For Fisher, if there was a choice in the matter he would rather go to the game. Who wouldn't? However, Fisher admits that there is a very valid reason to him needing to potentially miss the spring game.

"I haven't taken the test yet. I don't know now if I will take it next week or wait until May. I really want to get it out of the way, but then again I would like to get up for the game."

Fisher ended his conversation with Big Red Report by talking about two new offers that he recently picked up. One of the offers was one that he had been hoping for.

"Yes, I have picked up a couple more. I just got offers from Iowa State and Iowa. The Iowa offer was one that I was really waiting on."

"I was happy to get that offer. They had been talking about offering since December so it was nice to finally have them go through with it."

The Iowa offer is something that Fisher was looking for, but won't change the overall landscape of his recruiting situation. Fisher has wanted to get a commitment out of the way before his senior year.

"Nothing changes, it's still the same. I would like to go through my senior year and kind of have fun, not thinking about anything else. The offer from Iowa doesn't really change my timeline. It's just thinking about one other place."

Fisher had just got back from a trip to Iowa the other weekend. He was in town to see a spring practice. "It was two weeks ago. The trip was good, about the same, I have been over there a few times."

"I didn't get my offer on the trip to Iowa. I came back and then they offered later that week. I don't know as of now when I will be able to make it back over to Iowa City for a visit."

While Fisher is a little torn about what to do next week, he isn't the only one. Fisher has yet to pull the trigger on a commitment, but Collins Okafor committed to Nebraska back in October.

Okafor is another player that as of right now is impacted by a test date for the ACT the same weekend as the spring game in Lincoln. Okafor has said that he would also like to get the test out of the way sooner before later.

Okafor seems destined to have to take the test next weekend, but he said that he might sneak up for a practice later this week and might even head to Lincoln following the conclusion of the test next Saturday.

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