Lewis-Moore becoming very popular

If there is anyone that has really burst on the scene bigger than Kapron Lewis-Moore then I am not sure who it is. In early February or late January, Lewis-Moore received his first offer and since then a bundle has followed. Now he is getting attention from some of the other top football programs in the nation. He is keeping things open for now.

Kapron Lewis-Moore hasn't had a lot of time off since the 6-foot-4 and 220-pound defensive end from Weatherford (Texas) had his football season end in the playoffs. He has since been through a whole other sport and is starting up another one.

"I have been real busy," Lewis-Moore said. "I go from sport to sport to sport. When you make the playoffs it overlaps with another sport."

"When we lost in the playoffs I hopped into basketball. It was like a day later after we lost that I was bouncing a basketball. It's been going, going and going. I haven't had any time to rest, but it is something that I like to do."

Lewis-Moore has been spending time, when it's been available, working on football related items. He has time during the structured day at school to give him a chance to work on things.

"Ever since basketball ended, I spend half of my athletic period preparing for football. When track starts, I go do that during athletic period because I throw shot. During this off-season, we have been getting used to the new coaches and just hitting the weights hard."

The next chance that might come up for Lewis-Moore to work on things beyond spring ball, which starts in two weeks, would be this summer in seven on seven. Typically, Weatherford has done seveon on seven, but he isn't sure whether or not the new coaches will do it this year.

"We do seven on seven, but I am not sure if we will be doing seven on seven with our new coaching staff though. That is something that I will be asking them."

Since either late January or late February, Lewis-Moore has gone from the first offer from Texas A&M to 14 total offers. It's not just the quantity of the offers that is exciting, but who the offers are from and the new interest that he continues to draw.

"It's blowing up a little bit, but I am enjoying it. I really like to talk to interviewers and the coaches. It's just a lot of fun. I am loving it. It's exciting."

"Right now I am up to 14 offers, maybe. It's pretty exciting. I am talking to a couple of new schools too, like Colorado, Florida and USC, and hopefully this spring they will come down and see me and maybe get an offer from them."

"I think that I can name them all. There is Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Minnesota, Duke, Baylor, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Wisconsin, SMU, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Virginia."

Lewis-Moore hasn't gotten into narrowing anything down as of yet. It's very early in the process and he hasn't had a chance to see too many schools. There is one school that he has seen and because of that visit that school is standing out as of now.

"Right now, no sir. It's still very early in the process. I am just going to take it easy, keep my options open and wait for any new schools to come in. Hopefully that will happen."

"There are a couple that are standing out. I mean, I went to the Texas A&M junior day and I have actually seen things there. They have a bit of an advantage because I have actually been there, seen the campus and talked to the people."

"Texas A&M is the only place I have had a chance to visit. I don't know yet if I will take any other trips or go on any more visits. There is a Nike camp that is in Fort Worth, but if I make regionals in track then that is on the same day."

As a defensive end last year, Lewis-Moore had 50 tackles, six sacks, caused two fumbles and recovered three fumbles. He was an all-district selection as a junior.

"I believe that I can really pursue the ball really well, I have a good nose for the ball. I think that my pass rushing is my best asset. Some coaches say that I run well. I play the weak side so I have to chase the ball a lot."

When Lewis-Moore makes his decision it will be because of the atmosphere and comfort level at that school. He is looking for a fit on the field and off.

"I would say the atmosphere. I am a real people person. I like to talk to people. I want to feel comfortable there with the people and the coaches. I know that I need to work hard to get the job done, but I want to have fun while I am doing it."

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