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As a native Nebraskan and the Huskers most recent commit, there's a certain buzz around Elkhorn's Trevor Robinson. He spurned offers from the likes of Notre Dame and Michigan, deciding to be a member of the big red. Tonight he joined us via phone in our weekly chat to answer YOUR questions. Check out the transcript from that chat with the latest commit to the Huskers.

Steve Ryan: I'd like to welcome everyone to the chat. Joining us via the phone will be the latest Husker commit, Trevor Robinson. I'll be handling the questions, relaying those to Trevor and typing out his answers. So, with the formalities out of the way, Trevor is ready for your questions.

Huskers09: Trevor are you going to recruiting a little at the spring game and this season?

Trevor: I suppose a little bit. If I see any offensive linemen, I will talk to them and tell them about what we have going here.

HuskerDrummerGuy: Who is your favorite husker, rigt now?

Trevor: My favorite Husker right now is Kyle Moore. I know him the best personally, and I also like Matt Slauson. He's kind of a character. I like Clayton Sievers too. He's a character like nobody else I have ever met. He's energetic, and a little wild. I used to lift weights with him when I was a freshman and he was a senior. He's just a crazy guy.

Oldfather: How would you rank the facilities between NU, Notre Dame and Michigan?

Trevor: As far as the facilities, Nebraska was the best. As far as stadiums go, Michigan's  is a lot bigger, but Nebraska looks better. The view of the skybox when you are inside and just the crowd, I'd say it's the best overall.

Hookem13: Trevor, was there one deciding factor that push you to the Huskers besides location?

Trevor: Other than the location, I'd say no. It was really a combination of a lot of things that pushed me there. Nebraska is famous for putting out offensive linemen like Dean Steinkuhler and Will Shields. It would be nice to be someone like that.

SteveRyan: What does the "pipeline" mean to you?

Trevor: Every week you grow up, you watch them and it's all around you. Everything is Huskers. There is no other Division 1 school. So that makes everything funnel into Lincoln. I think that's where a lot of kids see themselves grow up. I always recognized it that it brought a lot of talent over the years.

HuskerDrummerGuy: How does it feel being in the Limelight of husker nation?

Trevor: As to the limelight, there are obviously places where there are large fan bases, but at Nebraska it's exciting. There are times when it's a little much, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like being on the radio or the TV. It's kind of fun

Doogle: Has the staff told you how many OL they will take in this class?

Trevor: They originally said four or five. I was told five. They have three right now and maybe the five will be the ones who committed now, but they will probably include greyshirts or guys coming in for 2008 like Aaron Schulte and Ricky Henry

OldFather: Early on were you leaning going to Notre Dame and if the is the case what swayed your feelings

Trevor: There was a point where I was kind of star struck, especially when Charlie Weiss gets into the equation. It's a really hard place to turn down, I can tell you that. They are going to do a lot of things, win a lot of games and you get exposure and their academics are huge.

And the Notre Dame name was huge. It's a really hard place to say no to, and I knew their offensive line coach was great and if they weren't nine hours away, who knows. The distance turned out to be the biggest thing for me.

HuskerDrummerGuy: Is Football your first love, or were you a multi-activity kid, like myself?

Trevor: I loved basketball. I used to play it a lot. But I realized football was the future for me. I just kept getting bigger. I always did well in basketball, but it just seemed like football and how physical it was suited me better

Cornmeal:  What was your first impression of Coach Callahan?

Trevor: He's a big name guy that has the NFL experience. I guess I'd say that he's a laid back guy. Since he understands that there were other options, one thing through the whole process, everywhere I went to, they asked me about the other schools and nobody really had anything bad to say about Nebraska and it was the same the other way around. It seemed like he (Callahan) recognized the good things about Notre Dame and Michigan and rather than take away from them, he just showed me what was great about Lincoln

Hookem13: What Big XII opponent are you most looking forward to playing?

Trevor: I am looking forward to playing Texas and, of course, Oklahoma. Texas obviously because they are so good and Oklahoma is obviously the rival

SteveRyan: Your academics are very strong. What makes them so important to you?

Trevor: That comes right from my parents. I would give my progress report to my parents and a "B" was never good enough. At the time you are thinking it's ridiculous. I wasn't fond of it, but now I realize that it will take you places. I am glad they were like that. It's unfortunate when some don't make it, but when you get to a big school, you have the tutors to get it done and it's really up to you. There really isn't a good excuse.

OldFather: I know you have been run blocking a lot at Elkhorn.  Do you have any problems pass blocking?

Trevor: I think that with anywhere, there is going to be a steep learning curve, but especially for me, because Elkhorn doesn't do a lot of that. The camps have helped. It's not common to high school, but I pick it up in camps. My dad and I work on some stuff too. I think I can handle a lot of it, because meetings don't tell you much. But I have never really had any problems picking stuff up

HuskerDrummerGuy: what do you think your strengths and weaknesses are?

Trevor: My strength and physicality is one thing and I think I lift a little harder than many people. As for weakness, you can get better on everything and I will have to pick up the pass blocking once I get to college. You won't get much of that in high school.

Bryan Munson: What are you excited about seeing at the spring game this weekend?  Sorry if this was already asked.

Trevor: I am excited to see the stadium sold out. Last year I didn't have as many offers, but I had Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Boston College. That was when I was real high on Notre Dame. I would compare home games. I went to Notre Dame and it wasn't as loud as Nebraska and just everything about it is more than what others have

Cornmeal: Trevor, if you could play any other position, what would it be?

Trevor: I would love to play safety. I would jump at playing on the defensive line, but safety is where you get to help the run and the secondary is where you see all the big hits. Of course, I'd have to be a hundred pounds lighter. Most of the time if I am at tackle, I get one step and a punch, but most of the big hits come out of the secondary. I would jump at playing defensive doubt

We'd like to thank future Husker and Elkhorn standout Trevor Robinson for taking the time for this chat, and there's little doubt that Husker fans are eagerly awaiting the time this standout offensive lineman makes his way onto Tom Osborne Field in Memorial Stadium.

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