Robinson excited about being a Husker

It's a recruit that Husker fans had been holding their collective breaths over. Trevor Robinson committed to Nebraska the night after taking in a Nebraska practice, but it's more than that. He has taken multiple trips to see Notre Dame and Michigan and up to committing had been very tight lipped about saying a leader. Nebraska fans finally exhaled Saturday.

Big Red Report got another chance to dive into the circumstances with Trevor Robinson surrounding his commitment to Nebraska. The 6-foot-5 and 300-pound lineman from Elkhorn (Nebr.) commented on the timing of his commitment.

"As far as timing," Robinson said. "Every school has a certain number of spots at certain positions and those were starting to fill up faster then what I might have liked at Nebraska."

"That's not the only reason I committed where I did and when I did. I really started thinking about what was important to me. I thought about where it was most comfortable and where was close to home."

"A big part was that they told me what the number was they were going to accept for offensive lineman, how many commitments that they had and that they were close to filling up. That was a part of it."

So, while there might have been some urgency to commit to a school that was filling up, there was also some personal reasons as to why Nebraska just made sense. Nebraska was up-front to Robinson about their situation along the offensive line.

"They have the two commitments in Dan Hoch and Baker Steinkuhler. There is also a guy that graduated from a Nebraska high school that is in junior college, Ricky Henry and Aaron Schulte from Norfolk Catholic will be going on scholarship that spring as well in 2008."

"That left me on the outside looking in to this class. That played a role in the decision that I had to make, in making a decision this early, but the timing worked out. It might be now or never."

"From their standpoint, when they have their numbers at a certain position they just have to move on. They can't keep accepting scholarships at that positions. There is just not enough scholarships to be had."

While Nebraska was filling up, Robinson did get the feeling like Nebraska wanted him as one of the last pieces to this class. He didn't hear those words, but he got that feeling.

"Yes, one of the coaches said to me that they really weren't pushing any of the other recruits too much until they found out what I wanted to do. The feeling that I got was that they really wanted me to be part of this class and in that spot."

The offensive line portion of the class could potentially be one of the highest rated offensive lines in the nation when signing day comes around. Robinson also noted that and said that the line portion could lead to bigger things at other positions in terms of commitments.

"Yeah it is, especially with Steinkuhler and Hoch. That is going to be looked at as the three of us with the other guys as being one of the best classes out there."

"For a running back or quarterback that they are also recruiting they can show them us and say that this is where it starts. It can be a good thing and it can lead to more good things. I am happy about it."

Nebraska is just an hour trip for his family from Elkhorn to Lincoln in comparison to Notre Dame and Michigan,. Robinson also has some other relatives now that will be able to see him play on Saturdays including an older brother who is also playing college football.

"Yeah it is. It's not just because my parents can get there, but my older brother (Tyler) will be a redshirt freshman at South Dakota and he is a quarterback. So, if he plays late or has a bye he can get there. My grandparents live in Lincoln and in Kearney so they can see me too."

Robinson will be in the stands this weekend for the spring game. He also has some other summer camps and combines planned. After that, it's into getting ready for the season and working on a couple of areas that Robinson wants to address before the fall gets here.

"I am going to the spring game coming up on Saturday. As far as camps and combines this summer, I will go to the combine in Kansas City on May 14th and the Nike combine sometime. If Dennis Wagner still wants me there this summer I will do that."

"We have a team camp at Doane College that we have been doing every summer for a while now. I will do that with them. I am going to start doing stuff at the high school. We have a defensive camp this summer and then get ready for two-a-days."

"I am going to start working out, running more. I would like to ideally play next season at about 285. I weight about 300 now. There is really no reason to weigh 300 playing offensive line in high school. I will be trying to block 200 and 225-pounders."

"I am not necessarily trying to lose as much weight as a little bit of body fat, get a little quicker. I know that my quickness is a big thing."

Early commitments are sometimes risky business for colleges, but Robinson sounds as firm as a commitment can be. "It would take something pretty big from within the program, right now, to change my mind about becoming a Cornhusker."

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