"I'm a Husker"

Call it that gut feeling or whatever, but sometimes it just feels right. That's how it was this morning for Memorial High School ( Port Arthur , TX ) defensive back David Whitmore. Yesterday he would have called himself a Nebraska fan. Now, he calls himself a Husker.

It's probably not surprising that there are more than a few Husker fans in the highly populated state of Nebraska . But when it comes to prep athletes, and football players at that, it's usually burnt orange being the color they always see.

For 6-2, 180 pound Memorial High School defensive back David Whitmore, though, Scarlet and Cream has never been foreign to him. "I actually grew up a fan of Nebraska , especially after they were winning all those championships," he said. "Plus, I really like the way they play defense and how physical they are."

At Whitmore's size, you can imagine that being physical is the name of the game. It's uncommon for someone of his size to have the lateral movement and versatility in the hips to be truly effective in "man" coverage from the cornerback position. He's got it, though, Whitmore said, and he uses it to his advantage. "Receivers don't see guys like me, who can run with them, but handle them at the line," David said. "They can't push me around like they can other guys."

Last year Whitmore had an impressive campaign, notching almost 40 solo tackles, while recording 13 pass break ups and two interceptions. The biggest problem David faced was simply being involved in the play. "They don't go your way very much when you are having that kind of success, so I end up running all over the field just to get involved," he said. At a reported 4.5/40 clip, Whitmore can do that, and when you factor in his size, it's more than good enough for the job.

With his potential being obvious, the commitment to Nebraska was a little more obscure. Up to today, David had plenty of recruiting attention from the likes of Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Missouiri, Arizona and others, but no offers. When he got the official offer from Nebraska today, that was it, end of story and he was going to be part of the big red.

Without ever having even stepped foot onto the campus of Nebraska, the question begs as to why and when was it that he would actually head to the campus to see what his new school actually has to offer. "I chose them, because of how the coaches treated me, but they put a lot of secondary guys into the NFL and that was huge for me," he said. "I like the idea of playing college ball, but I want to go someplace where they know how to get guys to the next level."

The quick commit also lends itself to another question and the timing only adds to that: Just how solid a commit is this? With so many other schools on the cusp of offering, but not yet offering, what if he starts becoming really popular? "I will definitely be looking at those. My options are definitely still open," he said. And if there is one offer he hasn't gotten, which he would really find intriguing, it's not too far east of where he's at. "LSU, man. That's one of my favorite schools and they win all the time," he said. "If they offered, that would be a hard one to turn down."

Whitmore agreed that he is a commit to Nebraska , and that's a place he definitely can see himself playing. But he also said that he's not ruling out any options available to him, because he wants to do what is best for him. So, while there is a visit planned to Nebraska , either to attend a camp or just see the campus before his senior season started, his eyes will be consistently wide open. "I committed to Nebraska , because I like it, I have followed them and I like the coaches," he said. "But I don't know what it's going to be like in three months. I guess we'll see, but right now I'm a Husker."

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