Hoch enjoys weekend in Lincoln

One of the biggest things about Nebraska commitments the past couple of years under Bill Callahan has been their desire to go out and recruit other players to join them in the Nebraska recruiting class. Dan Hoch is no different. Alongside another Nebraska commitment, he did his best to work one of Nebraska's top targets.

One of the tallest and biggest recruits in Memorial Stadium this past weekend was Cornhusker commitment, Dan Hoch. Hoch, a 6-foot-7 and 290-pound offensive tackle enjoyed his time in Lincoln.

"The spring game went really well," Hoch said. "I got to speak with Trevor Robinson and we got to talk to Blaine Gabbert from Missouri. We all just got to talking and hit it off."

Hoch was kind of surprised by how big Gabbert was, physically. They almost looked eachother in the eye. "He's a pretty big guy. I think that he is about 6-foot-4 or even 6-foot-5. He's probably about 230 pounds too. He's a real big guy."

The game wasn't a sell out for Nebraska, but as far as spring games go it was an excellent turn out. Hoch noticed the stadium packing in with an hour left until kick off.

"It was unreal. Like an hour before kickoff there were so many fans that were there already. They were swarming and packing it in. It is something that you just have to love about their fan base."

The offense really stood out to Hoch. The offense came out, got established and really maintained for the whole day. In replacement of one of the hurt players, Hoch was impressed with the back-up's performance.

"I thought that the offense performed great. They started off real early and looked real sharp. When Lydon Murtha got hurt, I was wondering who would fill in, but D. J. Jones came in and did a great job."

The general play of the offensive line was something that Hoch enjoyed seeing too. He is looking forward to being part of it next year.

"I really like the offensive line style as far as schemes and stuff. I can just look at it, from my high school, and try and build toward playing there in Lincoln."

Hoch has been to Lincoln a few times now and there really wasn't a necessity to see anything he hadn't before. The main purpose of this trip was to get to know some of his future teammates and work on the recruits.

"Not really. I just wanted to talk to some of the new recruits and see how they were. I wanted to try and mesh with them early because they are going to be my teammates for the next five years once I get to Nebraska."

Besides the spring game, there really isn't a lot that Hoch has planned for himself. He is still working out, but his trips for camps and combines seem to be pretty limited.

"This summer I am probably going to try and get over to the Nike combine over at Columbia. There is also a Scout.com combine in Kansas City in May."

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