Mullen lineman adds a third offer

Future Husker offensive linemen, Bryce Givens is the name you think of this year when Mullen High School ( Denver , CO ) is mentioned. But there's at least one more from that school who shouldn't be forgotten. OG/C prospect Jimmy Miller is getting some attention of his own. The latest comes in the way of an offer, his third one of the recruiting season.

Mullen high school's Jimmy Miller has never been hesitant about his affection for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. And when teammate and fellow lineman Bryce Givens committed to Nebraska , that only helped with his enthusiasm about wanting to be part of the big red. 

With that being said, Miller is becoming a pretty coveted recruit in his own right, and while the Huskers are kind of a dream, it's the reality he is looking at right now. "Playing for Nebraska would be great, but I have to look at a lot of things like where I would fit in, if I would get to play and who really wants me on their team," he said.

Nebraska has shown Miller some attention, but it's been more in the form of letters here and there, along with nice conversations when Miller could make it in, as he did for the Huskers annual Spring Scrimmage this year.

The offers are what matter, though, and Miller added a third offer to his list, already comprised of Air Force and San Diego State . "I went to Colorado State and coach (Sonny) Lubbick said that I had an offer to play for CSU," he said of the Ram head coach. "It's exciting, because he is a really cool guy, and I have gotten along really well with all the coaches there I have met."

As Miller starts to see his own stock rise, rather than taking the route that he can now sit back and enjoy the attention, he's going the other way with the mind-set that where there is one, two or more opportunities, it's up to him to create even more. To that end he's planning on attending an "O-Line/D-Line" camp in Kansas June 2nd, and he could be attending the combine in Kansas City on May 14th. In addition, Miller said he'd like to unofficially visit both Washington State and TCU before the end of the month.

As for attending one of the Husker camps in June, where Bryce Givens, along with many if not all of the other current offensive line commits for the Huskers are expected to be, Miller said that the choice will inevitably be up to the Huskers themselves. "I am probably not going to camp at someplace I already have an offer, but at the same time, if a school isn't really showing that they want me, I'm probably not going to camp there either," he said. "I'd like to go to the Nebraska camp, because it would be a lot of fun. But I don't know if it would really be worth it if they aren't seriously considering recruiting me."

The evaluation period has now started for Division 1-A kids, and the 6-3, 290 lbs. lineman is looking forward to schools coming around and checking a lot more out himself. If Nebraska is one of those schools, all the better, but he knows that for himself, you go with the most obvious solutions. "Everyone wants to go where they are wanted, and just by offering me, San Diego State , Air Force and Colorado State have all done that," he said. "I'm also hoping that if I do well enough down at that Kansas camp, they will offer me too. But I guess it just wouldn't be very smart to keep thinking about going to a school which may not even want you, when you have offers from schools who obviously do.

"I'm just going to do what is best for me, and that's all I can do."

Along with Miller potentially attending the combine in Kansas City, could be future Husker, Bryce Givens, but that has yet to be determined.

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