Huskers latest stop for top player in country

Being the number one ranked player in the country shouldn't be a curse. Well, that's the theory anyway. And don't think that linebacker Arthur Brown looks at it that way either. He's grateful as he takes his numerous visits to the almost innumerable number of schools who have offered him. The latest was to see the Huskers.

When you are get about hip-deep in scholarship offers, the luster of being a recruit wears off, replaced by the fact that you now have a whole lot of choices, but only one place you can go once you decide on a college.

Linebacker Arthur Brown has been facing that "dilemma" for awhile now. Ranked as the best player in the country, he's gotten enough attention, when he takes a visit, it's with a very keen eye as to what's going to be the biggest impact of his collegiate career. "It's really about relationships, and seeing who I get along with and who I think fits me and can coach me up for the future," Brown said.

After his visit to Nebraska, he said that he got a good impression all the way around. "Coach Cosgrove is just a really great guy, and he talked to me about how I fit in, about playing as a freshman and just telling me everything I wanted to know," he said. "He's just one of those guys that is kind of what I want, a nice guy who can coach me up."

Granted, every single player coming out of high school, no matter how good, has a bit of a reality check once they hit Division 1-A. Whether it's the speed, size or sheer physicality of the players, there's always a learning curve for even the elite of the elite.

Consider Brown cemented amongst that group, especially after the senior-to-be had 158 tackles, eight sacks and an interception as a junior, while standing 6-1 and weighing 225 pounds.

You might just want to call him a freak. Brown chuc

kles at that, saying that he thinks his instincts and reactions are certainly a key to his success, but not THE key. "God is the key to my success," he said. "I owe all of it and the blessing recruiting has become, to him."

His faith is assured, but the faith of schools in him might be considered equally confident. The offers keep pouring in, and Brown's situation is that he's trying to make sense of it all. Right now it's been a few unofficial visits to Oklahoma, and individual trips to Kansas, Kansas State and Nebraska.

Brown says there's no favorite, but the first school to offer him has always stuck in his mind. "Oklahoma started recruiting me as a sophomore and I have seen that place more than any other," Brown said. "I've always liked them."

That won't stop Brown from accumulating some serious frequent flyer miles over the summer, though, as he plans on unofficially visiting Florida, Notre Dame and USC for sure, and as many others as he can along the way. "I want to give everyone as good of a look as I can, because there's so much that goes into really what I want to do as a player and person," Brown said. "It's going to be a long year and I am only really getting started on my research of these places right now."

When Arthur's name is mentioned, Bryce, his younger brother, always comes up, most of the time sooner than later. Some regard them as a package deal. That might be the most potent brother-package in the country too, the junior-to-be coming off a sophomore campaign where he ran for over 2,000 yards, and that was preceded by him running for over 1,600 yards as a freshman.

Call it the Dynamic Duo if you want, but according to the older Brown, don't necessarily look at them as strictly a package deal. "That's how we are kind of looking at it, but if a place fits me and not him, he's not going to go there," Arthur said. "And if a place fits him but not me, we might end up playing separately. We'd love to play on the same team, and we think a lot alike when it comes to these visits. But it's not guarantee that we'll be playing on the same team in college."

As you figure there's no rush for an early decision. Actually, you might go the other way, thinking that this thing could take an awfully long time. With so many big name schools yet to visit and yet so much more to learn, Arthur said he's just getting warmed up for the challenge, before the final challenge of his senior year at East High in Wichita (KS).

"I will approach this like anything, and just make sure I do everything the way I need to do it," he said. "I'm not going to make any rush decisions and I am definitely not going to commit unless I think I have explored every option I have.

"It's not fair to me to make a decision early without making sure to look at as many schools as I can. After that, then I will hopefully know where I want to be."

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