Walker gets visit by Huskers

The evaluation period is just starting and you are being asked to trim your list of schools. Not because you just like everyone, but because you have 30 offers. The problem is, you start thinking about trimming the list and you get four more, new offers. Teams are continuing to find out about this exceptional wide receiver from Virginia.

Deion Walker has had his fair share of recruiting spoils so far. The highly coveted, 6-foot-3 and 185-pound, receiver/safety from Christchurch (Va.) has been busy already despite the evaluation period just beginning.

"Things have been going well," Walker said. "I have been getting a couple of phone calls and a couple of college visits. It's definitely been pretty good for me."

The process is something that some people can just get wrapped up in. For others, it's a bit of a distraction. Walker thought it might be a bit overwhelming, but he is taking it all in stride.

"It's really exciting. I am just living it up I guess. I get to meet everyone, meeting coaches and everything, and I think that I am handling it pretty well."

"I thought it might be a situation like 'Oh my gosh, that is Tim O'Brien'. I wondered at first how I was going to handle that situation at first, but now I am really starting to enjoy it."

While Walker isn't letting the process and the people in it overwhelm him, he also isn't letting this attention stand in the way of his goals. His main goal is about playing very early at the next level.

"I guess you focus on the goal at hand and knowing what you need to do to accomplish it. A goal of mine is that I want to go and play early. I doesn't matter where I go; I want to put myself in a situation to play early."

"Whether it is the best team in America or the worst, I am going to try and work out, run and do whatever it takes to put myself in a situation to play early. You have to motivate yourself."

Walker has already had a few school come through his high school doors to see him. There are others scheduled and there are some other impressive schools that are still calling him that will probably come to see him.

"So far it's been North Carolina State, Texas A&M, Nebraska and Virginia. I have a couple of other schools to come and visit. They are already on my schedule. All of those schools have offered."

"I have got calls from Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Southern Cal. It's crazy. I can't think of all of them right now."

Walker is at a very impressive total of offers already. He is getting encouragement to trim the list, some how, but even Walker is wondering how? The situation is always changing. There are always new offers to consider.

"I am up to 34 total offers. My dad walked into my room about 20 minutes ago and said 'I know that you are not trying to hear this, but you are going to have to narrow it down. Cut it in half or something'."

"I don't know how I am going to do it. We had a conversation as early as a week ago and since that time I have gotten four new offers. It's really hard to narrow things down, because it's then more schools that try and come in late and things like that."

Well, Walker has some idea how he is going to trim the list, but the variable here is time. He is going to need time to sort through the schools and do the research based on how and where the school sees him at.

"I guess me doing my homework and research on the schools to see, based on what position a team wants me to play, how often a team throws the ball or how I will fit in their offense. Or, how do I fit into their defense and where do they want me on defense."

"Also, I am going to be looking at the position coach and how I get a long with the position coach. I will also look at how I get along with the rest of the staff as a whole."

Walker is being considered to play a couple of different positions at the next level. Ironically, one of the positions that he is being touted to play is a position that he hasn't played.

"Besides wide receiver, I have a couple of offers to play safety. I have played cover corner, but some schools have been interested in me at safety. I don't really mind because I don't have a preference. It's wherever the college coaching staff needs me that I will play."

Last year was a huge year for Walker. He was big for Christchurch on both sides of the football and earned top honors on offense and defense while still being recognized as one of the best on special teams as a returner.

"I had 47 receptions for 733 yards and eight touchdowns. I had 300 rushing yards at quarterback. On defense, I had 31 tackles, eight interceptions and nine passes broken up. I was first team all-state receiver, first team all-state defensive back and second team all-state kick returner."

There have been a few trips that Walker has taken already, but more are in store. He has only had the opportunity to see the schools that are more in his immediate vicinity, but time this summer will allow him to take some longer trips.

"I've made a couple of trips to Maryland. I made a couple of trip to Virginia. I have visited Tennessee, NC State, Auburn, Wake Forest and a lot of schools in my area. I would like to get out to see some schools out west this summer. It's kind of hard to see those schools during the school year."

"I plan to spend quite a bit of money this summer on plane tickets. I have family in Nevada, Washington and California. I am going to visit family there and see some schools."

"I will go to visit schools like Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas too. I will be busy this summer taking trips, definitely."

There is at least one event this spring/summer that Walker won't be able to attend that he wishes he could. Beyond that though, Walker is going to take in a couple other combines and camps.

"I wanted to get down to the Elite combine in New Jersey, but I just found out it's on a Tuesday. I am going to make Nike on May 12 at Penn State. I am going to look for a Scout.com combine somewhere near me. I definitely want to go one of those too."

The Nebraska coach was at Christchurch and Walker knew that he was there this week. Walker has had a chance to talk to Ted Gilmore, the receivers coach at Nebraska, before on the phone and said the he knew that not a lot could be said while the Nebraska coach was at his school.

"He visited and we couldn't talk. He just said hello. He seemed like a very down to Earth guy although I couldn't have a very long conversation with him."

"My coaches, after I had to leave, they had a chance to meet with him. They said that Coach Gilmore is a really cool guy and they liked him. I have called him once or twice. He's definitely a pretty good guy."

While Coach Gilmore has made a good impression on Walker and his coaches, the Nebraska tradition has really caught Walker's eye. He likes the idea of playing for a coach that coached in the NFL and is running a professional-style offense. Walker is also aware of opportunity at Nebraska.

"I like Nebraska, purely because of their tradition. It's all about football there. Their coach is running a pro-style offense and it would be a good situation and a good fit."

"I spoke to Coach Gilmore and he said that they were losing three, four or five guys I believe. They are losing a bunch of receivers and they are looking for players to step in and play right away."

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