What that means for the Huskers

Day one is over and the Huskers had a pretty good day. Or did they? Yes, for the recent former Huskers, it's all good as three were taken in day one. But for Huskers already on NFL teams, this draft might not have been such a good thing. We break it down for you and talk about how each team's day one doings could effect Huskers in the future.


1.(12)  RB Marshawn Lynch, California
2.(34)  LB Paul Posluszny, Penn State
3.(92)  QB Trent Edwards, Buffalo

What that means for the Huskers: Four-year veteran defensive end Chris Kelsay is currently the only Husker on the roster for the Bills. The former Husker finished ninth on the team in tackles last year and he finished third on the team with five and a half sacks. The problem with that is, the players who ranked ahead of him in that department were also defensive ends. That means the Bills have good depth on one side at least, and that would seem to indicate that with all the other needs the Bills have, Kelsay should be in a relatively decent position.


1.(9)    WR Ted Ginn, Jr., Ohio State
2.(40)  QB John Beck, BYU
2.(60)  C Samson Satele, Hawaii
3.(71)  RB Lorenzo Booker, Florida St.

What that means for the Huskers: The Dolphins recently added former Detroit Lion, fullback Corey Schlesinger. He will make two former Huskers on the Dolphins' squad, joining offensive guard Toniu Fonoti. The first day addition of another guard, and another Hawaiian (Samson Satele) at that, could spell certain doom for the underachieving Fonoti. The former Husker lineman has had continuing issues with keeping his weight down and simply realizing the enormous potential he had coming out just over four years ago. This could be Fonoti's make-or-break season.


1.(24)  S Brandon Meriweather, Miami

What that means for the Huskers: With the Pats only taking one player in the first day and a safety at that, the current standing of seven-year pro offensive lineman Russ Hochstein and second-year pro, LeKevin Smith appear to be in decent shape. Hochstein hasn't been a dominating lineman at any point of his professional career, but he's been one of the most dependable linemen for the Patriots when they have had injury issues across the line. It's not out of the realm of possible that N.E. could be looking to find someone a little more dominating at the point of impact, but at this point Hochstein still appears to be  Patritiot. Defensive tackle LeKevin Smith's status as a back up, however, isn't nearly as solid, the former Husker totaling one tackle during his career at New England thus far.


1.(14)  CB Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh
2.(47)  LB David Harris, Michigan

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Jets' roster.


1.(29)  OG Ben Grubbs, Auburn
3.(74)  WR Yamon Figurs, Kansas St.
3.(86)  OT Marshall Yanda, Iowa

What that means for the Huskers: Cory Ross is just going into his second year, but with the addition of return specalist Yamon Figurs, Ross' relevancy to the Ravens becomes a big question mark. Ross was never seen as a do-it-all running back. So, if he can prove out to be the best guy for the Ravens in the return game this training camp, it could be one-and-done for Ross in Baltimore. Nebraska's only other presence on the team is another player going into his second year - Punter, Sam Koch. Koch ended the season ranked as the twelfth best punter in the league, by average per punt.


1.(18)  CB Leon Hall, Michigan
2.(49)  RB Kenny Irons, Auburn

What that means for the Huskers: Four-year veteran punter Kyle Larson is the lone Huskers on the Bengals right now. And with him ranking amongst the top five in average per punt last year, it's doubtful Larson should be feeling any heat.


1.(3)   OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin
1.(22) QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame
2.(53) CB Eric Wright, UNLV

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Browns' roster.


1.(15)  LB Lawrence Timmons, Florida St.
2.(46)  DE LaMarr Woodley, Michigan
3.(77)  TE Matt Spaeth, Minnesota

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Steelers' roster


1.(10)  DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville
3.(73)  WR Jacoby Jones, Houston

What that means for the Huskers: The Texans recently added Pro Bowl running back Ahman Green to the mix, joining kicker, Kris Brown. The Texans cut former Husker and 12-year veteran offensive lineman Zach Weigert in early March. Even going into day two, Green's job is obviously safe, and as Brown is one of the NFL's most consistent kickers, he's probably not sweating anything as well.


1.(32)  WR Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio St.
2.(42)  G Tony Ugoh, Arkansas
3.(95)  CB Daymeion Hughes, California
4.(98)  DT  Quinn Pitcock, Ohio St.

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Colts' roster.


1.(21)  S Reggie Nelson, Florida
2.(48)  LB Justin Durant, Hampton
3.(79)  WR Mike Walker, Central Florida

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Jaguars' roster.


1.(19)  S Michael Griffin, Texas
2.(50)  RB Chris Henry, Arizona
3.(80)  WR Paul Williams, Fresno St.

What that means for the Huskers: Currently, the only Husker on the roster of the Titans is seven-year vet, defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch. But considering the fact that he's had just one sack shy of 20 the last two seasons, his position looks relatively safe. Vanden Bosch has 23 sacks on his career, but just four of those game in his four years with the Cardinals, whereas he has looked like one of the best pass rushers in the league as a Titan.


1.(17)  DE Jarvis Moss, Florida
2.(56)  DE Tim Crowder, Texas
3.(70)  OT Ryan Harris, Notre Dame 

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Broncos' roster.


1.(23)  WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU
2.(54)  DE Turk McBride, Tennessee
3.(82)  DT Tank Tyler, North Carolina St.

What that means for the Huskers: With the recent retirement of all-pro offensive lineman Will Shields, the Huskers currently don't have any players with the Chiefs.


1.(1)   QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU
2.(38)  TE  Zach Miller, Arizona St
3.(65)  DE Quentin Moses, Georgia
3.(91)  OT Mario Henderson, Florida St
3.(99)  WR Johnnie Lee Higgins, UTEP

What that means for the Huskers: Currently on the roster of the Raiders are 10 year (has it really been that long?) veteran, center and long snapper, Adam Treu, and second-year cornerback and a current starter, Fabian Washington. It's doubtful that anything the Raiders do even in day two will effect either one. Treu's tenure make him iffy, despite his reliability, and when you think of needs for the Raiders, the defensive side is actually not a real must. So, both Huskers are looking good thus far.


1.(30)  WR Craig Davis, LSU
2.(37)  S Eric Weddle, Utah
3.(96)  LB Anthony Waters, Clemson

What that means for the Huskers: Defensive tackle Ryon Bingham is currently the only Husker for the lightning bolts. When Bingham hasn't been battling injury (which is most of the time), he's not been very productive, totaling just 16 tackles in two years, including one and a half sacks. Bingham still projects as a surpreme run stopper, but if the Chargers hit the defensive interior on day two, call that a potential sign of things to come.


1.(26)  DE Anthony Spencer, Purdue
3.(67)  OT James Marten, Boston College

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Cowboys' roster.


1.(20)  CB Aaron Ross, Texas
2.(51)  WR Steve Smith, USC
3.(81)  DT Jay Alford, Penn State

What that means for the Huskers: If Titus Adams not accumulating any stats for the Giants since he was drafted from the big red wasn't a sign, the drafting of Alford should be. Adams is just going into his second year as a pro, but the day one draft is an indicator that Adams' may be very expendable. If the Giants take yet another interior defensive tackle during day two, you can consider that not writing on the wall, but a clear message that Adams' short career in New York could be over.


2.(36)  QB Kevin Kolb, Houston
2.(57)  DE Victor Abiamiri, Notre Dame
3.(87)  LB Stewart Bradley, Nebraska
3.(90)  RB Tony Hunt, Penn State

What that means for the Huskers: This is a good spot for Bradley, though, I thought he would fit into a 3-4 a little better than the 4-3. But Bradley offers the Eagles the versatility as a good side-to-side player from the linebacker spot, or someone who is quick off the line if they opt to play him at DE in certain situations.

As good as the news is for Bradley, the entrance of running back Tony Hunt could be the writing on the ball for Correll Buchalter. The oft-injured six-year veteran simply hasn't been able to stay on the field due to a series of injuries over his career. He's flashed when healthy, but his durability factor is extremely low. The Eagles need that one-two package in the backfield, and with Hunt now in the picture, he could be considered the future compliment to Briant Westbrook and not Buchalter.


1.(6)  S LaRon Landry, LSU

What that means for the Huskers: Second year pro Jerrell Pippens is currently the only Husker listed on the roster for the Redskins, but seeing as how he plays safety, the drafting of Landry could be a sign of things to come. Pippens was just recently added to the Skins, having been with the San Diego Chargers just last year. But the fact that he didn't play in a single game with the lightning bolts means that at best, he'll have very little room for any slip ups as the cuts start happening after training camp begins.


1.(31)  TE Greg Olsen, Miami
2.(62)  DE Dan Bazuin, Central Michigan
3.(93)  RB Garrett Wolfe, Northern Illinois
3.(94)  LB Michael Okwo, Stanford

What that means for the Huskers: Even if the Bears had taken a safety in day one of the NFL Draft, you could still consider Mike Brown's status as a Bear a lock. His injuries have become a bit of a concern, as they are starting to turn into a trend. But when healthy, he's perhaps the smartest player the Bears have on their entire defense. The Bears could end up going for a safety, but don't take that as an indication that Chicago is losing patience with Brown. They just want to be ready if he goes down once more.


1.(2)   WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech
2.(43)  QB Drew Stanton, Michigan St.
2.(58)  DE Ikaika Alama-Francis, Hawaii
2.(61)  S Gerald Alexander, Boise St.

What that means for the Huskers: Currently on the roster of the Lions are six-year veteran center – Dominic Raiola and second-year free safety Daniel Bullocks. The Lions may have taken another safety in day one of the draft, but with Bullocks ranking as the Lions' third most prolific tackler last year, his job is relatively safe. As for Raiola, he's one of if not the staple of that offensive line.


1.(16)  DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee
2.(63)  RB Brandon Jackson, Nebraska
3.(78)  WR James Jones, San Jose St.
3.(89)  S Aaron Rouse, Virginia Tech

What that means for the Huskers: This is good news for Jackson, as he not only doesn't have to compete for time against an All-Pro, Vernan Morency, the Packers only other really potent running threat, can't be seen as clearly better than Jackson, Jackson actually the bigger back, and his experience in the west coast offense at Nebraska, could give him a real shot to see the field as a rookie.


With the loss of Green, the Packers were going to be Huskerless, but Jackson's addition means the Husker tradition in Wisconsin continues.


1.(7)   RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma
2.(44) WR Sidney Rice, South Carolina
3.(72) CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno St.

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Vikings' roster.


1.(8)    DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas
2.(39)  OT Justin Blalock, Texas
2.(41)  CB Chris Houston, Arkansas
3.(75)  WR Laurent Robinson, Illinois St.

What that means for the Huskers: Outside linebacker and three-year pro Demorrio Williams is the lone Husker on the roster of the Falcons. While there is another day in the draft to go, Williams proved to be one of the more dynamic playmakers the Falcons had on defense, ranking third on the team in tackles, along with notching a fumble recovery and an interception. Whatever the Falcons have done or will do, you can expect that Williams' job is safe.


1.(25)  LB Jon Beason, Miami
2.(45)  WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC
2.(59)  C Ryan Kalil, USC
3.(83)  DE Charles Johnson, Georgia

What that means for the Huskers: The addition of Charles Johnson could mean that nine-year veteran defensive end Mike Rucker might be close to calling it a career. Rucker has been a special player for the Panthers, and opposite Julius Peppers, they had been at one point the best DE-tandem in the league. Going into his seleventh year, Mike Minter could be close to calling it a career as well. If Carolina goes more defense on day two, don't be surprised to see them take a safety or even two. As good as Minter has been, he's getting to the point where the fresh meat has to take over.


1.(27)  WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee
3.(66)  DE Usama Young, Kent State
3.(88)  OG Andy Alleman, Akron

What that means to the Huskers: With three former Huskers, the Saints are amongst the most stocked NFL teams in regard to former players with the big red. Cornerback DeJuan Groce is going into his seventh year, while linebacker Scott Shanle continues to be an NFL player, this being his fifth year in the pros. Shanle was amongst New Orleans' top tacklers last year, coming up just two shy of a hundred tackles on the season. Groce was not nearly as productive, totaling just 17 tackles on the season, plus he recorded one forced fumble. Josh Bullocks, going into his third year with the organization, has proven to be one of the Saints' best defenders in the second level, amassing 72 tackles last year, forcing one fumble and intercepting two balls.

A lot of cornerbacks have already been taken in the draft, but that doesn't mean Groce is in the clear. Out of this trio of Huskers, he's obviously the one that stands out, as who is probably the most worried about their future with this team.


1.(4)    DE Gaines Adams, Florida
2.(35)  OT Arron Sears, Tennessee
2.(64)  S Sabby Piscitelli, Oregon St.
3.(68)  LB Quincy Black, New Mexico

What that means for the Huskers: Currently, the Bucs only have one Husker on the roster, that being middle linebacker and second year pro, Barrett Ruud. When substituting in for all-pro Shelton Quarles, Ruud proved to be everything he was at Nebraska, which is a good thing for Ruud. And with Quarles' career now in question, Ruud's status seems to be secure. Hell, it's not secure, it's a lock, and if you do see head coach John Gruden go after another middle linebacker, he'll be looking simply to add depth.


1.(5)   OT Levi Brown, Penn State
2.(33)  DT Alan Branch, Michigan
3.(69)  LB Buster Davis, Florida St.

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the Cardinals' roster.


1.(11)  LB Patrick Willis, Mississippi
1.(28)  OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan
3.(97)  DE Ray McDonald, Florida 

What that means for the Huskers: No Huskers currently on the 49ers roster


2.(55)  CB Josh Wilson, Maryland
3.(85)  DT Brandon Mebane, California

What that means for the Huskers: With the recent retirement of defensive end Grant Wistrom, kicker Josh Brown is the lone Husker as a member of the Seahawks. Brown has been an absolute gem for Seattle as he may not be the most accurate or prolific kicker in the league, but he's kicked no less than three game winners for the NFC West team.


1.(13)  DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska
2.(52)  RB Brian Leonard, Rutgers
3.(76)  WR Jason Hill, Washington St.
3.(84)  CB, Jonathan Wade, Tennessee

What that means for the Huskers: It's another great fit for a former Husker defensive end, and it's ironic that Carriker ends up in St. Louis, following the formidable footsteps of the now-retired Grant Wistrom. Carriker and Wistrom are two totally different types of players, though, so much like Carriker was used at Nebraska, you could see him playing inside as much as outside for the NFL down south.


Ironically, the addition of Carriker could signal doom for former Husker defensive end Trevor Johnson. The third-year pro played in only four games last season, totaling just four tackles. The other Husker on the team is Richie Incognito, who hasn't dominated at this point, but has shown himself to be solid enough on the field and is inconspicuous off of it, his status as a Ram should be secure. 

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