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The defensive side of the football will get a lot of attention, again, for Nebraska's recruiting class. Nebraska identified a top linebacker prospect in Texas very early in the process. He has taken a couple of visits already, but the good news is that Nebraska will get a visit. The Huskers will be hosting this linebacker some time in June.

Kyle Prater, like so many other high school athletes, is active in another sport and is one of it's top players too. Prater, a 6-foot-2 and 210-pound, linebacker from Kerrville (Texas) Tivy is busy with some hard ball right now.

"I am playing baseball right now," Prater said. "It's going really good. We just beat the number one team in district and if we win this next week we will have a bye for the first week of playoffs."

"I play right field or center field mostly. Lately they have been moving me around and I have been playing third base or first base, plus I pitch."

With spring ball right around the corner, Prater admits that going from the baseball diamond to the gridiron is a bit of a "curveball". A lot of the baseball players at Tivy also play football and so Tivy adjusts their spring practices accordingly.

"It changes things up a little bit. A lot of our good football players are good baseball players too. We don't do full pads in the spring and then we get one extra scrimmage before the season starts."

There really hasn't been an off-season for Prater and there won't be. When high school baseball ends he starts club. When football ends in the fall he goes right into baseball.

"As soon as Christmas is over we are into baseball practices after school. Playing three sports is just too much. Throughout the full year I will be working on football drills too."

On top of no off-season, Prater says that he and the other football players are always working out because of the built-in athletic period to their schedule. They also have workouts posted by their staff for the players to complete on their time.

"We have football athletic period everyday, that is first period. Usually we go and do something after school too. That would be about 20 of us and they will set up a work out for us to do."

Prater is nearing a double-digit offer total. The offers that he is holding right now are from some of the top football programs in the nation. He has already had some schools come by his high school to see him and he is in constant contact.

"Recruiting is going good. I think that I have seven offers now. I am holding offers from LSU, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Rice and Baylor."

"Earlier, Nebraska came by last week some time. I have been talking to coaches on and off, every week or so. They let me know when they are going to be by the school. They will set up the time to see me walking around or working out."

Prater says that he brings an active style to the field at the linebacker position. He is a ball-hawk and is always flying around the field trying to make plays.

"I would probably say it's my aggressiveness and speed. I am always moving. I am never standing still. I am always closing on the football and playing sideline to sideline."

There will be a big emphasis on academics when it comes to Prater's decision. He will also look at the football program and see how it is ran while getting some since about the success that the program has had in the past. He also tries to hang out with players on visits

"Academics are a big thing. I am also looking at the athletic program and how things are ran. I want to look at how they build up their players, their tradition, what they have done in the past, what I think of them and what I have seen so far."

"When I get up to schools, I try and hang out with players so I can see how they like it there. I want to get a feel for the place, socially. I went up to Texas Tech for junior day. I have been on two unofficial visit to LSU and Oklahoma."

"Right now, I am planning on getting up to Nebraska around the end of June some time. That is the only visit that I have set up right now for the rest of spring and summer."

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Kyle Prater

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