Brenham RB holding Nebraska offer

Recruiting in the state of Texas is about relationships. Nebraska went down to Brenham (Texas) last year and grabbed one of their seniors, Shawn Sullivan. Through recruiting Sullivan, Nebraska found out about another gem at Brenham this year. Nebraska is one of two offers for this athlete, but he is keeping things open right now.

Nebraska had a lot of success last year in the state of Texas when it came to recruiting. The Huskers are trying to repeat that success and have offered a running back from Brenham (Texas), Lester Ward.

"Things are going pretty good right now, sir," Ward said. "I was running track and I sort of tweaked my hamstring so I stopped. I didn't want to mess anything else up."

"I'll be running a little bit in the summer when invitational meets come up. I am staying busy in the weight room. I am running a little bit and staying in shape."

Ward knows that he has a gift. He doesn't want to short-change himself and wants to put his best foot forward, always. He is working to get the most of his abilities and he is seeing the results.

"One thing, athletically, I wanted to make sure that I was staying disciplined with my ability. Meaning, I wanted to execute to 100% of my ability and not just 99% or less. I want to do everything to the best of my ability."

"I have been working on my strength and I am most definitely stronger. I have gained a lot of strength from my time in the weight room. I have been working on my flexibility and speed too. It's been gelling together pretty well."

If there is something that Ward wants people to know, it's that he is more than just a player on a field. He knows that he has the character to go along with his athleticism.

"I want people to know that when they talk about me that I am more then just an athlete. My talents are God given and I give my thanks to God. I think it's important to know that I am as good of a person as I am an athlete."

Ward had a solid year last year for a loaded Brenham team. He missed some time with an ankle injury, but returned to rip off a couple of 100 yard games and still came away with some district honors.

"I really don't know them exactly. I want to say that I had 972 yards rushing and I don't know how many receiving yards. I think that I got second team all-district, but I missed four games due to an ankle injury."

There are some people circulating the idea of playing Ward at receiver. However, he views himself very much so as a running first as opposed to a receiver.

"They are putting wide receiver out there, but I have never said wide receiver. The majority of the schools that are recruiting me like me as a running back."

Ward has two offers right now to play running back at the next level. "I think that I have just two offers. They are from Baylor and Nebraska. Both of those schools like me as a running back."

Ward has an unusual pick, for a player his age, but not an unpopular one among the masses. He says that his style is one of finesse and power. He has it all.

"My favorite running back is Jim Brown. I kind of watch his style and I try to make my style after his. If he had to run around someone then he would rather run around someone. But, if he had to run through someone then so be it. That is how my style is."

Ward had some good words to say about the school and the people of Baylor. He has some ties to the schools, but in the end he will choose the school that is best for him.

"The people at Baylor seem really sincere. Baylor is a really nice school. It's my dad alma mater, but he is more on the side of me going to the school that is best for me. I am keeping my mind open."

"I am really just looking at all of the options and not ruling anyone out right now. I am going to take a look at all of my options and it might be Baylor and it might be Nebraska. I am just staying open right now."

Nebraska received a commitment from a player last year from Brenham. Shawn Sullivan played cornerback and wide receiver and is headed to Lincoln, but Ward said that he hasn't had a chance to talk to him about Nebraska.

"No, not really. Shawn and I have been trying to get around to talking about it, but this time of year with the TAKS test and everything else going on, I really haven't had a legit chance to talk to him."

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