Tanner gets visits at school

The evaluation period is in full-swing and Tanner Hawkinson has seen a number of schools stop by McPherson (Kans.) to check him out. There were four last week and already two more this week. Besides that, Hawkinson measured in at an impressive height and weight at the recent Nike camp showing he's worthy of the attention.

One of the more heralded recruits in the midland region this year will be Tanner Hawkinson. Hawkinson just got back from the Nike combine in Texas and said that he did well.

"Yeah, I did go to Fort Worth this weekend," Hawkinson said. "I did pretty good there. We didn't do any testing. It was just a training camp."

"We did get measured in though. I came in at 6-foot-5.5 and 230-pounds. They broke us out into positions and we did a lot of speed and footwork in the first half then routes in the second half."

With the evaluation period underway, Hawkinson has seen some impressive schools come through McPherson (Kans.) already to see him. One team came on a day that he wasn't around because of the combine.

"Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas State and Nebraska came there on Friday, but I wasn't there. Those were the teams that were there last week. This week it's been Oklahoma State and Central Florida."

The Nebraska coach may have missed Tanner in person that day, but he did talk to the coach later that day. What he did hear from the Nebraska coach was good news.

"One of their coaches called me on Friday. It was Coach Ted Gilmore and we had a chance to talk for a while. It was good. He told me that they had their eye on me and kind of asked me how I felt about Nebraska."

In the last update with Hawkinson, he hadn't received any attention from Nebraska. Now, he knows that Nebraska came to the school and called him. Does the late interest hurt Nebraska?

"Not really. With other schools that I have been talking to it's more that I feel like I see myself going to one of their schools because I know a lot more about their programs."

"Those teams have come in early and have stuck with me until now. I am not saying that Nebraska is not a possibility, but that is just what I think."

Hawkinson has the one combine under his belt and at least one other similar event that he will take part in later this summer. Other then that, he is open and is still considering his options.

"Not at this point. I think that one that I will go to at this point will be the Kansas camp. Besides that, I need to kind of take a look at some other things."

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