Blake Lawrence was a safety playing linebacker as a junior in high school. Last year as a senior, Shawnee Mission (Kans.), had the ability to move Blake back to safety. Nebraska is looking for Blake to play linebacker at the next level mostly because of his athleticism and ability to bring the wood. There is just some level of accessorizing Blake needs to do to get ready.

The school year is wrapping up, graduation is a certainty for Blake Lawrence and he still can't rest on his laurels. Lawrence is actually in Florida for a DECA meet after winning state this year. One more round of academia.

"I'm in Orlando, Flor. right now for a DECA national convention," Lawrence said. "A buddy and I won state in a marketing competition and we competed this weekend. Doing a little bit of academia, but not too much."

Lawrence has been busy since a runner-up finish in state, getting ready to play football in college. The one thing that he has been working on is carrying some more weight. He is working hard to put some on.

"Since the season I have been doing a lot of things to get into condition and put on some weight. Right now I am on a pretty steady diet. I am eating four peanut butter sandwiches a night right before I go to bed that takes two glasses of milk to down."

"You can count the calories that I am putting into my body right before I go to sleep. It's a good way to put on a little weight. There is a ton of protein in there. That and my lifting will help me put on weight."

Lawrence has already seen the fruits of his labor and digestion. He has always thought of himself of having the ability to carry the weight, but has just had some difficulty. He needs someone, like Dave Kennedy at Nebraska, help him realize his full potential.

"When I went up for the spring game I stepped on the scale and I was at 210-pounds. That's good to know that I am putting on weight. I was losing weight during football. That is a natural thing for me. It's good to know that I have put back on some pounds and well on my way to 220 by fall camp."

"I am working a lot on entire body strength. I know that I have the frame and the body to work with. I kind of jerk around with my friends and say that I am a potato head without any accessories right now. I have all of the places that you can stick the muscles and weight, but I just need someone to help me put it in there."

Lawrence has had a chance or two to get back up to Lincoln this year since his commitment. It has worked out well because of a friendship that he has developed with a player in his same recruiting class that is already in Lincoln.

"Yeah, Patrick Witt and I have become really good friends. I have gone to Lincoln to hang out with Patrick in Lincoln in January to get to know the campus better. That was about a week before signing day."

"The next time was for the spring game and I brought up a lot of family that hadn't had a chance to see the campus. It was a treat just to see the place filled up again and to see the players."

"The weekend following the spring game, Patrick came to Kansas City to hang out. The bond that we are forming is something that we are planning on taking into a leadership role on the team in our class for the future."

There are plans for Witt and Lawrence to room together next fall. Lawrence says that the bond that the two have made should help out as a whole for the leadership from his class on the team.

"Oh yeah. I don't know what his plans are for this summer, but next fall and next year we are planning on rooming together. We have a lot of common characteristics. It's good to see that we can get along and have a good bond even heading into the summer."

Witt has told some things to Lawrence about what to expect. Lawrence complemented Witt on being able to make that change so effortlessly and that he hopes that his similar traits will help him to the same.

"It is a change. I think that he and I have a similar maturity level and that we are going to be prepared for whatever is ahead of us. I think that he has handled it very well."

"With his intelligence, it's really helped him adapt to his environment; the workouts, the routine. It's something that I like to think that I can do as well."

Lawrence will be in Lincoln in early June for classes and summer workouts. He has already started in on the weight lifting program and is looking forward to getting into it 100% in Lincoln, as soon as possible.

"I am enrolled in summer classes. So, I go up to move in on June 10 and I start classes there on June 11. I am sure that summer workouts that will start that same week. I bet that weight room orientation is that week. I have already kind of started the workout program."

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