Helu trying to finish up early

One of three running back recruits for Nebraska was Roy Helu. Helu, a hard-nosed runner with excellent speed and vision, is one of a few freshman that could be considered for early playing time considering a lack of depth at their position. Helu wants to get into a position to potentially get to Lincoln so he could work toward getting ready.

At 6-foot-0 and 220-pounds, Roy Helu is physically ready to come in and play at the next level. The running back from Danville (Calif.) San Ramon Valley has been training and working hard to graduate a little early.

"I've just been training," Helu said. "Training and trying to graduate a little earlier so I can get to Lincoln. I could potentially take some earlier tests."

The term graduate early, usually means in December, but Helu is at least working towards a goal of getting out of high school and into Lincoln for summer classes. He is trying to shave a few weeks off of his time.

"If everything works, I will be trying to leave by the first week of June. I need to get a little ahead on my work so I can work towards that."

Helu has been playing a club sport since football ended, but most of all he has just been training for football. "No, I don't play any other high school sports. I do play rugby, but that is a club sport."

Helu said that there are a couple of key areas that he is targeting in his workouts. He has a place that he travels to so he can work out a couple of times a week.

"I am just working on overall fitness and footwork. In Oakland, they have a place that I go work out at twice a week. I go and run some hills. That's about it."

If there is something that Helu is looking forward to when it comes to Nebraska it's no distractions. He has too many of them in California and he knows that once he gets to Lincoln that he can focus.

"Just getting over here. For me, the sooner the better. There will be no more distractions before I get to college. Just kids around me, peer pressure, and meeting new people. It's all about football there (at Nebraska)."

Spring practices and games are more and more covered each and every year. This year, the Nebraska game was tape-delay, televised, but Helu was unable to watch the game. He did hear about it though.

"I heard about it. They were on the NFL Network. We don't get that channel and I didn't know that it was on at the time. I heard that Sam Keller played good. That's about it."

Helu has been able to stay in touch with his position coach quite regularly. There has been some talk about possibly being ready or able to compete this year.

"I just talked to Coach Randy Jordan yesterday. They are talking about me possibly playing this year. He is coming over and we are going to go over some things."

The difference in being ready to compete and not might just being able to get to Nebraska for the summer session and summer workouts. If Helu misses this chance, he might not be in Lincoln until July.

"If I missed that June date, I would probably stay here until a little bit later. It's really because of their summer school schedule. I wouldn't be able to take any classes and would just be working out."

Helu is a very humble person that is really just ready to get started in Lincoln. When asked if he thought that he could be in a position to play this fall Helu responded, "Well, we'll see."

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