Jones is set for Lincoln

While 4.4 speed and 30+ verticals jump off the paper when you read them about recruits, so does being 6-foot-7 and 300-pounds. Marcel Jones is frighteningly nimble and athletic for a man his size. He is a standout basketball player in Arizona to go along with him being one of the top football players. He is just about a month away from getting to Lincoln.

When people say the word "athlete", the first thing that people think of is usually skill position players. Marcel Jones is an athlete, but he's an offensive lineman. The 6-foot-7 and 300-pound tackle has been busy since football season ended.

"I played basketball after football and now I am doing track," Jones said. "We made it to the semi-finals in basketball, down to the final four. We ended up losing to the eventual state champions. That's their third title."

"Personally, I made first team all-region and honorable mention all-state. I think that I averaged somewhere around 10 boards and 12 or 13 points a game. I did get a dunk this season. I got one in. I should have had more."

"I throw the shot and discus in track. I am not that good at it, but it keeps me in shape and it keeps me from coming home. I threw 47' in shot and I threw the discus about 130'. I qualified for state in the shot, because I came in second in the region."

Jones had a fairly serious leg injury early in his high school career. He just needed some time off and says that everything is fine now. "My leg is fine. It's doing good. No setbacks. Everything is good to go."

Besides track, Jones has had another activity to get out of the house to do. He has been doing some conditioning on the side of doing track in preparation for summer conditioning and fall camp.

"Actually, I have. I have been hitting the weights pretty hard. I have been running around on the track. I want to make sure that I don't die when I come up there for summer conditioning."

Jones says that he is just ready for the overall college experience. He keeps hearing about it and now he wants to do it. He also is looking forward to seeing a game in Lincoln and knowing what fans are supposed to be like.

"Mainly, just the college experience. Everyone is just telling me how fun it is. I am also looking forward to my first game. I have heard everyone telling me about that. When I took my visit I wasn't able to see a game."

"Everyone is telling me that the stadium is packed, it's one big sea of red. At my school, our gym was never packed or our stadium was never packed. I would like to be in that type of environment."

There has still been dialogue between him and Nebraska. He has been in touch with his position coach and his recruiting coach. He has been learning about drills to do on his own and is planning on trying to get to Lincoln for summer school.

"I have been talking to Coach Dennis Wagner a lot. I have been talking to him about what I need to do conditioning-wise. He has given me a few drills to do out here on my own."

"I have been keeping in touch with Coach Bill Busch about summer classes and everything like that. I am thinking about trying to get up there for a summer session. So, somewhere like June 10 or June 11."

There have been some discussions about who Jones might be rooming with in Lincoln. As of now, Jones might be rooming with one of a couple of the recruits that will be joining him in Lincoln.

"I'm either going to room with Jaivorio Burkes or William Yancy. I have been talking to a few guys. I just want to know how they are doing and what they are doing, just to stay in touch."

It's important for Jones to know that he will have some people there that he can relate to when he gets to Lincoln. "When we get out there, it's pretty much just going to be us and the team. It's good to know that there are others there that I will know."

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