One of the latest Nebraska offers heads west

You love the audio interviews, but sometimes you just don't have the time? Here at BRR we aim to please and when we can, give you both. You get the full audio interview, where you get to hear everything, and then we give you the skinny in text. What more could you possibly ask for? Check out Emmanuel Ojeriakhi's audio interview or read the skinny on him. It's your choice and we give it to you.

Since I am going to start doing a lot of audio with recruits, sometimes there's just too much audio to save for the show and as we all know, it's time sensitive. So, I'll bring you an audio interview with a recruit, but for those that don't have time to listen to it right now or just want the very basics of the conversation, i will also provide some text below the actual link so you can get the skinny on just what's going on with the young man.

Remember, and as is the case with this particular conversation, the phone lines I get hooked up with aren't always the best. You can understand him fine, but it's hardly in digital clarity. So, just keep that in mind.

And the first player we are doing it two-way standout Emmanuel Ojerkiakhi, a WR/DB being recruited by Nebraska to play corner, and the kid stands 6 foot, 3 inches tall.

Below is the skinny on some of the particulars from that conversation:


Being recruited to play Wide receiver and corner  

Nebraska is recruiting him to play corner  

Nebraska is the only offer right now  

The offer came this last Wednesday  

Didn't know much about Nebraska prior to the offer. Had only received two letters prior to that and didn't know they had that much interest. Nebraska came out, saw him run and got the offer shortly after.  

Reports his best 40 as 4.57  

Says he's 6-3 and 190 lbs.   

"I can move just like any other corner. Personally I don't see how my height has to do with anything, because if I can go up and guard receivers, that's better than a shorter corner."  

What he's learned about Nebraska since offer:  

"I have been looking for stuff on the internet, but I really can't find their actual football website that shows their stadium, their weight room, their facilities and stuff."  

"So, that's pretty much all I have found so far, but I am still trying to search and look up some information about them."  


"I want a place like a Bakersfield , when it's winter, it's cold and when it's summer, it's hot. I don't want a place where it's always going to be cold or hot. I want to switch it up in Bakersfield . There's always going to be great air. That's the type of area I want to be in."  


Said in his offense, he said team passes the ball once for every 10 rushes.   

Played DB for half a season and reported 30 solo tackles and "a lot" of pass break ups.  

Said nobody ever kicked to them, because of Bakersfield 's speed. Said teams would either kick the ball out of bounds or squib kick it.   

Staying closer to home

It doesn't bother me, but it bothers my parents kind of. I wouldn't mind moving to the Midwest , and I want like a great area, like a football town, where we can have a lot of fans behind us. Nebraska is known for that, so that's why I am really considering them.  

Who is recruiting you from Nebraska  

"Coach Wagner"  

Actual games seen of Nebraska   

"Honestly, probably none."  

One school standing above another  

"The only school that's really up there is Oregon , because my parents really want me to go there, because they know alumni that graduated from there. So that's one school that is up above a lot of other teams, because of my parents, and the other schools are pretty much equal, because I haven't taken any visits and I haven't seen the area, the town and stuff."  

Unofficial visits or camps

"Probably to Oregon and go to their one-day camp. That's pretty much it. That's the only one, because we have a lot of team stuff during the summer, so that's the only one I think I will be able to make."

If Oregon offers, is recruiting over?  


Taking official visits  

"It depends on what my parents think and if my parents can afford to take me on those unofficial visits. If they can't, I will have to wait for the official visits during the season, so that is when I will see all of the places."  

Likelihood of Nebraska being an official visit  

"They are highly up there. If I like there area and I like the town, they are going to be really up there with all the other schools."  

Depth chart as a factor  

"That goes into a lot of consideration. I don't want 10 other people in front of me. I want to be one of the main guys – the legit guys, step on the field and compete with everyone else. That will be a big part of my decision."  

Position determining where he goes  

"No, because I am equally good at both, so whatever they are recruiting me as, that's what they are recruiting me as."  

Top Five  

Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, Nebraska and USC
(no particular order)

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