South Garland LB/S prospect has offers galore

Bringing you up-to-date once again BRR Radio style, we give you a FULL conversation with a recruit and just the skinny in text on the big points of what we covered. It's your choice. Listen, read or do both. But it's the BEST way to get to know the recruits for 2008. Up now is South Garland LB/S prospect Joseph Ibiloye. Does Nebraska have a shot? Listen and/or read to find out.

Joseph Ibiloye - OLB/S


Now looking at 17 offers, the most recent coming from Miami, Nebraska and Michigan

Said a lot of schools are coming down to watch him

Staying Humble

"I try to stay humble, I don't want to stop getting better. I just sit down with the coaches and they tell me just to wait it out, don't get too excited and just try to stay humble."

Camps or combines thus far

"I have been to the Combine and the Nike Combine in Forth Worth."

Which one he did better at

"I think I did real good at both of them, but I think I did better at the Combine. I went as a safety and did real good in the one-on-ones."

Positions being recruited to play

"I have some for linebacker and some for safety."

On what Nebraska has offered him to play

"I haven't talked to the coaches, so when I start talking to them, we'll find out that."

On taking visits, official or unofficial

"I am going to wait until the middle of the summer time and that should be enough time to gather them all up and starting making a list as to why I like this school and all that stuff.

On the main criteria

"It's always playing time. I would love to have lots of playing time. And it's the education and I want to feel comfortable around all the players.

Location and Weather as a factor

"If it's the right place, than it's just the right place."

Feelings on going to a football oriented environment

"It doesn't matter, really. It's just whatever the best school is for me."

Being in an environment where there are a lot of things to do

"That would be nice to be around a lot of stuff to do outside of football, but it just depends on where I end up at."

Position preference

"If they gave me the option, I'd rather play safety."

Offers he can remember

Wisconsin, Baylor, TCU, Texas A&M, Kansas, Kansas State, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Miami, Nebraska and Michigan

Making a decision when:

"I will probably take my visits. I plan on making my decision late in the season."

Schools he knows he'll officially visit

"No, not really. I haven't really thought about that. I would probably like to go down to Florida."

A top seven (not in order)

Texas A&M

On waiting for a Texas offer

"If they offered me, I would treat them the same as all the others. I am just trying to go to the best school."

"If they offered me, they would definitely be on my list."


"Not a problem."


"Not a problem."

Style of defense

"I wouldn't mind the 4-3 defense. Put two safeties out there."

Combines in the future

"Yeah, I am pretty sure I will attend some."

Best 40

"Best 40 I ever ran was a 4.49. I ran it on the track at my school.

Best vertical

"My best vertical is 36."




"I took it (SAT -old version), but I am going to retake it. I made an 810 on it, and I am going to retake it this summer so I can make a better grade.

Nebraska still being in it

"Yes sir."

Just a footnote here: If you are thinking that there's so much information in the text, you don't need to listen to the radio thing, trust me, this text doesn't even cover half of what we talked about. It is, as I said before, just the skinny on the most relevant stuff. There's still plenty to learn if you listen.

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