Fastest rising name in Texas?

If you're a good football player in Texas, then you will be found. Especially if you hail from one of the more successful programs in the state. At Denton (Texas) Ryan, football is everything. They have churned out players like this year's first round draft choice, Jarvis Moss. This player is following in some big footsteps.

The evaluation period was just what everyone needed to get to know about Josh Williams. Williams, a 6-foot-4 and 220-pound defensive end with 4.8-speed from Denton (Texas) Ryan has been busy with spring ball as well as the evaluation period.

"It's going great," Williams said. "We are doing a lot of fundamentals and some conditioning. We are busy learning the system for a lot of the newer guys. It's pretty much everything."

The spring and the evaluation period have really been a showcase to the world for Williams. In just under a week, he has picked up seven offers with the most recent coming just today.

"I have picked up offers from Nebraska, Missouri, Baylor, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, Arizona and Texas Tech just offered me today. Missouri offered me last Tuesday. I have picked up all of these in the last week. It's been amazing."

What teams see in Williams is a very solid defensive end with good size and great athleticism. "My pass rush and I am very physical off of the ball. I also have good hands. I can get to the quarterback and make plays."

"I had 68 tackles, 22 tackles for loss, eight quarterback pressures, six sacks, and six deflected passes last year. I earned all-district and all-area honors lass year as a junior."

Williams mentioned that he is looking to go to a school has a good football program and good academics. He is also going to look at location, but distance isn't a big factor.

"I am looking for a good football program and good academics. I am also looking at location, but it's not a big factor. I wouldn't necessarily want to stay closer to home."

Things are happening so quickly right now for Williams that he hasn't had a lot of opportunities to think about things. Things are still very open with all of the teams that have offered and that have showed him interest.

"No, I haven't had a chance to think about my favorites. I haven't really narrowed it down to a list. It's really been happening so fast that I just haven't had a chance to just think about it."

The offer from Nebraska is one that Williams wasn't expecting and that he was happy to receive. He is real familiar with the success that Nebraska has had as a program and said that the offer was really the first time that he had heard from the Cornhuskers.

"It's been real exciting. It really blew me away. I wasn't expecting it. I have known about them since I was young and they were winning all of their national championships and all of their history."

"This was really the first time that I had heard from them and they said that I was getting an offer. It was just so amazing. It's all happened so quick."

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