Huskers offer standout from Wichita

Last year at Wichita (Kans.) Northwest, this particular player was playing the quarterback position. At the position, he showed amazing athleticism and that's why a lot of teams are looking at him to play a position other than quarterback at the next level. The latest to come in and see that potential and offer is Nebraska.

The Huskers were through to see Chris Harper from Wichita (Kans.) Northwest just last week. The 6-foot-1 and 190-pound athlete said that he just recently picked up an offer from the Big Red.

"Yeah, I picked up a new offer," Harper said. "Nebraska offered me on Sunday. Coach Ted Gilmore told me that it was being sent. They are sending it to me right now."

The offer didn't catch Harper off-guard. While the offer wasn't that big of a surprise, Harper did say that he appreciated the coach at Nebraska has been recruiting him.

"I kind of sensed it coming. I kind of knew that they were going to offer me because of the way that they were talking to me. They have been texting to me a lot lately."

"It shows me that they think that I am a pretty good player. Coach Gilmore keeps texting me a lot. They like me as a wide receiver and we have an open, up-front relationship."

The honesty has paid off already in the eyes of Harper. He knows that from the start that Nebraska is looking at him to play a position that he doesn't play in high school. Nebraska just said that he was liked at receiver.

"They have demonstrated that they are up-front with me. A lot of teams could tell me that they like me at another position, but they are up-front with me at least. Lots of teams say athlete, but I think that's just receiver."

Despite being from Wichita, and only about four hours or so from Lincoln, he has never had a chance to visit. He said that there are some plans to go and see Nebraska this summer.

"I haven't been up to Lincoln before. I am going to go up there this summer and just take a visit to see the school. I haven't seen the campus before."

If there is an interesting side bar to this, it's that Harper's father and the coach from Nebraska competed against one another in high school. Coach Ted Gilmore hails from Wichita himself where he ran track and played football at South high school.

"My dad ran track against Coach Gilmore in high school. I knew that Coach Gilmore was from Wichita, but I didn't realize that he was my dad's age. He told me about that."

Harper has been staying busy working out for football and playing AAU basketball. He has a very good tournament this past weekend and has another this coming weekend.

"I had a basketball tournament in Lawrence this past weekend. I averaged over 20 points a game and scored over 30 in one game. I go to Norman, Okla. for a tournament."

Right after the basketball tournament Harper will head to Kansas City for a combine. After that, on Wednesday there is a big workout day where college coaches will be in attendance.

"On Monday I am going up to Kansas City for the combine. Then after that, on Wednesday our coaches told us that we have a workout day and a lot of coaches are going to be there."

A couple of coaches were in to see the players at Northwest. There weren't from just any school. They had come in from the West Coast to check things out.

"Coach Pete Carroll and Ken Norton was up here at the school the other day. They told us that USC was going to be here, but I didn't know who was coming. It kind of caught me off guard a little bit."

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