Cox has an early leader

Last year, plenty of teams had reason to go over to Garland (Texas) North to see them play. There was Jermaine Love and Hubert Anyiam who were going division one. There was also a pretty good junior who patrolled the middle and supported the run like a linebacker in C.J. Cox. Cox is now giving teams reason to come back to North to see him.

C.J. Cox, a 5-foot-11 and 195-pound safety from Garland (Texas) North, is the latest to come down the pipe for this powerhouse. Cox and his team are in the middle of spring practices getting ready for another big year.

"It's going pretty good," Cox said. "We do a lot of install, a lot of fundamentals and a lot of team work."

Cox doesn't play any sports other than football so he has been busy working out and getting ready. Most of his work has consisted of getting stronger and a little running.

"I have really been focusing on football for my senior year. I don't play any other sports. I have basically been lifting weights and running every now and then."

With that weight training and running, Cox has been working on his quickness to help him in the defensive secondary. "I have been trying to get a little quicker. I want to be able to break on the ball a little faster."

Cox played safety last year for North. He was a very active safety coming up and defending the run and also making plays against the pass. "I played safety last year. I had 81 tackles, two interceptions and three forced fumbles. I got all-district honors."

Cox is used a little like an extra linebacker from his safety position. Don't let that fool you though. He has that ability to make a play on a pass that is thrown his way.

"My strength is really stopping the run. If they throw the ball, I have the ability to get back there, break up a pass or make a play."

In just the past month, Cox has picked up four offers. "I have offers from Wisconsin, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and New Mexico right now. I picked up the offer from Nebraska first. I got that about four weeks ago."

The first offer, coming from Nebraska, has really put them at the top of Cox's list. "I thought it was a really big deal. They are probably on the top of my list just because they came to me first."

Cox is thinking that he will probably take the time to get to Lincoln this summer, but he hasn't made any plans yet. "I might. I never really thought about going anywhere this summer, but it's a good idea and I just might."

If Cox travels to Lincoln this summer, that will be the first time he had ever been there, but he has seen quite a bit about Nebraska on TV. "I haven't been to Nebraska. The only thing that I have seen about Nebraska is on TV."

What Cox likes the best about Nebraska has to do with their goals of winning football games. He has the same goals of himself and his current team.

"The past decade to 20 years they have been winning and trying to get to a National Championship. They are basically just trying to win. That's me. That's why I fit in."

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