Staley holding a Nebraska offer

Guthrie (Okla.) claim to fame is it's golf courses. This year, those courses have some competition for popularity with one of the top players in the Midwest. He is already holding 11 offers and from some of the top teams of their respective conferences. Find out who has offered this top athlete and who will get a visit this summer!

Kye Staley, a 6-foot-0 and 200-pound athlete from Guthrie (Okla.), is relieved that spring practices are here. He has been looking to get back out there and do some hitting again.

"Yes sir, we started spring practices on Monday," Staley said. "I have been looking forward to hitting again and just looking forward to the season."

The spring is a little limited and very controlled. The coaches are really into getting the fundamentals touched on and doing some install. It's time to get the new players involved.

"Basically we are just doing fundamentals. We can really only practice two hours, so there really isn't any focus on conditioning until the end of the summer."

"We just try and go through the fundamentals and of course the plays. You need to go through those to bring others up to speed and to re-fresh your memory."

Guthrie had a good year last year and is looking for more this year. Staley still thinks about how far they made it and how they lost. The lost was very tough to take.

"I guess you expect a state championship every year. That is the goal again and now we just have to go and get it. We made it to the semi-finals last year. That was a two point loss."

Staley led his team on the offensive side of the football. It wasn't until the playoffs did he start to see some time on special teams and then on defense.

"Last year I was mainly stuck at quarterback and I played some kick return in the playoffs and some nickel in the playoffs. I think that I had 200 rushes for 1,450 yards and 21 touchdowns."

"I had about 65-115 for 1,008 yards, eight touchdowns and four interceptions. I ended up getting second team all-big city last year as a junior."

While Staley is seeing the majority of his time under center now he really projects to play another position at the next level. Some like him in the defensive backfield, some the offensive backfield and some just say athlete.

"Most schools, like the in-state schools minus Tulsa want me as a defensive back. LSU is recruiting me as a running back. I think that Nebraska is just recruiting me as an athlete."

"I have offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, LSU, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Colorado State, Texas Tech, Michigan and Arkansas. I think that's about it."

"I don't know exactly when I picked up my first offer. Oklahoma State was the first to offer me though. I would say that I got it after the season and early basketball season."

The idea for Staley is to find a place where had work pays off in the form of a chance to play early in college. Distance won't be a consideration for him when choosing a school.

"Just being able to go in, work hard and play as a true freshman. I know that some people that red shirting is better or easier, but I want to make an impact as soon as I get there. Distance is a big thing."

The Nebraska offer was a bit of a forgotten surprise. Staley had the letter for a day or so and didn't realize the contents of the letter. He was surprised by the contents and that it just sat in his locker.

"I had the letter for like a day, but I forgot it, and it was in my locker. I went back to get it, I opened it up and it was an offer. I was so embarrassed. That was about five or six weeks ago."

While Staley was happy to get the offer, and a little surprised, he admits that he really doesn't have a lot of knowledge about the school. "Honestly, I really don't know a lot about them."

Staley has taken a couple of trips so far this spring. He is looking to see at least three schools this summer. "I have been on unofficial visits to Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State junior days and I am planning on going to LSU and Arkansas this summer."

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