Blaine Gabbert Q&A with Big Red Report

People had been speculating for a while now when Blaine Gabbert might commit. There was a flurry of visits that started with a visit to Lincoln for the spring game, off to Columbia for another spring game then down to Tuscaloosa for a visit. It was always a sooner before later scenario for Gabbert and the commitment window which finally closed last night.

Last night at 10:15 PM, Big Red Report got a text message from Blaine Gabbert that simply said: "I'm committed to Nebraska." The news rocked the world of some and shocked those of others. Tonight, Big Red Report got a Q&A with the newest Husker commit.

BRR - Last night when I got the text message from you, I was pretty surprised to get such a message so late. What made you want to go ahead and get things over with last night?

Gabbert - I felt like the time was right. I wanted to go to Nebraska for a little while now. I have always watched them growing up and that atmosphere, the coaches, the players and the support in Lincoln is impossible to beat.

BRR - You say that you have known for a little while (where you wanted to commit), how long have you known or was there a day where it just sort of occurred to you where you wanted to go?

Gabbert - Yeah, it was during the spring game. I was like 'Wow! These little kids know who I am and want my autograph.' That was awesome. You can't get that anywhere else where people enjoy football in a certain place so much like at the University of Nebraska.

BRR - The spring game is a great time for an offensive showcase, especially this year with the competing quarterbacks. How do you see yourself fitting in the offense in Lincoln?

Gabbert - I spoke to Coach Watson and he told me that after the season it will be an open job. I am going to come in and compete and I want to play. I am going to work as hard as I can to come in and play as a true freshman. I see myself, basically, like Sam (Keller). A big guy that is able to move.

BRR - At the high school level, you are bigger than some of the lineman on the field and faster than some in the opposing secondary. Have you heard people tell you before that they were surprised to see how big you were and then to see you run?

Gabbert - Yeah, I actually just got back from the doctor and I measured in at 6-foot-5 and 232-pounds. That was yesterday or a few days ago.

BRR - Were you 238-pounds when you were in Lincoln for the spring game?

Gabbert - I think that I went there on an unofficial visit before the spring game and I came in at 6-foot-5 and 235-pounds.

BRR - Have you talked to anyone at Nebraska about what your ideal playing weight might be?

Gabbert - I talked to the strength coach about it and he said that they will get me as big as they can, but as soon as I start losing speed then that is when they will stop. There is a cut-off point.

BRR - You have some time ahead of you, you work out with a quarterback coach, so what are the things that you are working on to prepare for your senior season?

Gabbert - I am just fine tuning my game. It's the little things. Those are the things that matter. They make you go from a great quarterback to an unbelievable quarterback. Just footwork, pin-pointing my accuracy and some other little things.

BRR - Your younger brother is a quarterback as well? How big is younger brother? Is he bigger than the older brother?

Gabbert - He's actually about 6-foot-0 and about 165 to 170-pounds. He'll be good. He'll be really, really good. He's only a freshman right now.

BRR - What about this summer? Are you going to go up to Nebraska for the Quarterback Academy or any other camps?

Gabbert - I was thinking about doing that and maybe the camp? I don't know. I spoke to Trevor Robinson and all those guys and they are going up to a camp. I was thinking that I would just go up there with them, throw the football around and hang out.

BRR - How influential were all of the Nebraska commitments to your decision?

Gabbert - They played a big role. You can not ask for anything more when it comes to those four; Baker Steinkuhler, Bryce Givens, Trevor Robinson and Dan Hoch. They are all unbelievable offensive lineman and that was key in my decision making.

BRR - The process isn't very private anymore. Did the process and the amount of attention kind of surprise you?

Gabbert - Yeah, you really can't prepare for what is around the corner. It's different. Once you get there it's just weird. You just can't prepare all the hype and everything that goes on.

BRR - Did you expect this at all?

Gabbert - A little bit, but not really. It just sort of happened and took off from there.

BRR - Your coach was on the radio today and said that Blaine is done, no more calls from any coaches and that he is solid to Nebraska. How do you plan to fend off what has to be a very disappointed Missouri Tiger staff and anyone else that comes after you?

Gabbert - I am just going to say that I really appreciate the interest. You guys have been great through the entire process, but I made a strong verbal commitment to the University of Nebraska and I am done. I am sticking with them. I am not going away from that.

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