Latest recruiter for Jones: Blaine Gabbert

Being a commit means that you are committed to playing for a school. It does not mean, however, that others are going to stop recruiting you. Ask tight end Andrew Jones. He's still getting it from everywhere, and the latest happens to be one of his best friends – recent Nebraska commit Blaine Gabbert. And it's Gabbert's intention apparently, to convince Jones to be a Husker.

He could have counted the minutes on one hand. From the time current Missouri commit, tight end Andrew Jones heard about his friend, quarterback Blaine Gabbert committing to the Huskers and Gabbert calling Jones himself, it was that short of time. "I think he committed at 10:00 and I think he called me at 10:04," Jones said of Gabbert's commitment two nights ago. "He said ‘I'm going to Nebraska . Want to come with me?'."

You can't blame Gabbert for trying. Sitting on 25 offers, Jones is easily one of the most coveted tight ends in the Midwest , but he's closing in on being one of the hottest in the country at that position. The lean 6-5 standout recently attended the Combine in Kansas City , where he earned the MVP honors.

Earning the MVP honor was nice, but Jones said that it's not about the trophy as much as it is that he simply hates to lose. "I could be playing spades with my girlfriend and if I am losing I'll get pissed off," he said. "I hate to lose. I mean, there's nothing I hate more."

Jones might add the word "recruiting" to that list of things he despises, but even before Gabbert called him to try and get him to go to the big red, he was getting the treatment from some other future Huskers. "Demetrious Davis sent me a text message, telling me I should go to Nebraska . And then Blake Lawrence called me and was basically saying the same thing," Jones said of two of Nebraska 's commits from the class of 2007. "It's Nebraska 's tradition or whatever they say is the reason I should go, but that's not the reason I committed to Missouri .

"I committed there, because I am comfortable there. I don't care about the winning. I don't care about the tradition. If it was Missouri State and I felt comfortable there, that's where I would go."

Jones did admit down in Kansas City that he hasn't went to the coaches of these other schools and told them to just leave him alone. He figures that it's their time, they can do with it what they want. "I don't tell them not to recruit me. I mean, if that's what they want to do, I guess that's what they want to do," he said. "But I don't see myself changing my mind and I think it's highly unlikely that I am going to make any visits to any other schools."

That hasn't stopped schools from visiting him, teams like Clemson and Iowa stopping by as well as Nebraska , Jones saying that Husker Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove was by his school today. But, of course, they aren't allowed to talk to him. Gabbert on the other hand, that's a whole different story.

Jones could look at the calendar and see that there is about nine months from now until signing day. That's nine months he's probably going to have to deal with recruiting continuing from schools all over the country. And the 25 offers could end up turning into 40 before he knows it. Jones said he's ready for that, and the attention isn't something he figures that will bother him all that much. But as to Gabbert, Jones joked that he might have to go to an extreme.

"I think I'll probably end up having to get a restraining order put on him," he said. "I can see where this is going for the rest of the year."

Jones does indeed see where the recruiting is going to go, and it's even going to come from one of his best friends, and a pretty darn good quarterback at that. Andrew insisted, though, that while the recruiting may be going, he's not, at least not to any place other than Missouri . That's where he plans to stay.

"It's where I feel like I should be," Jones said. "I can't see what another school can do to top that."

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