Huskers look good to Texas safety

It isn't very often that you come across a recruit in the state of Texas that grows up watching Nebraska. This one did though. He and his father are really just fans of the game and every time that the Huskers were on television the two of them would watch. That made it a bit special when the Huskers extended an offer to this talented, Texas safety.

Stephen Hicks, a 6-foot-1 and 185-pound safety from Whitehouse (Texas), is enjoying the spring. He is back on the field, getting the younger guys up to speed and getting to do some hitting again.

"Things are going pretty good," Hicks said. "Spring practice is going pretty good. We are just trying to get the guys moving up a shot, see what they have and we are just working hard in the spring."

Hicks had a solid junior campaign. He is an instinctual safety that really comes from his preparation of the game. He likes to study film and sometimes just keys on what the lineman are doing, instead of the receiver, to know what play is coming.

"I don't know them exactly. I know that I had three interceptions, I returned two of those for touchdowns, I had two forced fumbles and I recovered both. I think that I had around 48 total tackles."

"I can break off, because I am really quick. I can read a play. I guess you can just say that I can read a play. Being that I am the last man on the field, everything is in my view. I can just break it down on how the lineman move because I study film a lot."

Hicks wasn't sure how many total offers he had, but he was name off a few of the big ones. He is holding offers from the SEC, Big 10 and the Big 12.

"Wow, I can't tell you that exactly either. I have offers from Nebraska, Purdue, Tennessee, Colorado, Missouri, Texas A&M and some others. There's a lot."

Despite the offers, Hicks isn't getting too wrapped up in recruiting right now. He realizes that he has some time and that there are some more pressing concerns in getting ready to choose a college.

"I really don't have a top team. I try not to worry about it too much because I am only a junior. I have another year to play. Right now, my coaches are just telling me that I have an offer from here or it comes to my house."

"I am just trying to stay focused and not let it get to me. I am just a junior and I still have grades to take care. I plan on committing around August or September."

There have been a few things that Hicks has already attended this year and if he has his way he will attend a few more. His dad would like to visit a Big 12 North team.

"I already attended the Nike combine at TCU. I have been to Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. I plan on going to Texas and Oklahoma later this summer. I think that my dad wants to visit Nebraska."

Hicks father has a soft-spot for Nebraska because he just follows college football. Hicks and his father both respect the team, the coaches and how the fans support their team.

"He likes Nebraska and he wants to go and visit. He just follows football. Nebraska is just a team that he takes the time to watch and knows a lot about. He supports a lot of teams."

"I love Nebraska. I love 'em. My dad and I watching them, I just love them. I like their coaching staff and the atmosphere. When they are home that atmosphere is crazy, the stadium is packed and the fans are great. I really like the coaching staff."

The Nebraska coach in charge of recruiting Hicks has already made a very strong impression. "Coach Randy Jordan is recruiting me for Nebraska. I really like that guy. He makes me laugh."

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