Texas TE has ties to Nebraska staff

He's a bit under the radar now, but that's just because the hype and the press has yet to catch up with. This Texas tight end still almost has double-digit offers and has some serious ability. The spring evaluation period was very good to him to get some exposure, now he will be going out to get a better look at some of the schools that have extended him an offer.

One player in Texas that is getting a lot of attention as of late is Justin Horton. Horton, a 6-foot-4 and 225 pound tight end from Henderson (Texas) with 4.45 speed, recently just ended spring practices and injured himself a little.

"We just finished up our spring practices," Horton said. "It just ended on Thursday. My practices went well. In the game, I got a little hurt, but I will be alright."

"I twisted my knee a little, but I kept playing after that. It's more of a strain, or a stretch of the ACL. I was told to take three to four weeks off and it will be fine."

The spring is about developing skills and fundamentals. Horton had some areas that he wanted to address. "I was working on my downfield blocking, blocking at the tight end position, catching the balls across the middle and my deep routes."

Horton already is too much to handle at the level of competition that he plays against, for most. Man to man, there just isn't someone that has the size and the speed to match up to Horton.

"I think that I am a mismatch. If they run a man coverage with the linebacker on me, or the safety has me, then corner routes or anything across the middle is good for me. I am a physical mismatch."

"I had 23 receptions for 301 yards and one touchdown. I also had nine carries for 88 yards and three touchdowns on reverses. I got first team all-district honors."

The evaluation period is an early chance for players to experience a taste of recruiting. Horton says that the recruiting has been going good and he's just about to a double-digit offer total.

"It went fine. I spoke to a lot of coaches, well not talk to them, but met a lot. I am up to nine offers. I have offers from Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Tulsa, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, Houston and a couple of others."

Now that teams and coaches have seen him, Horton would like to take some trips this summer to check out some schools. He has some tentative summer camp plans.

"I am going to try and get in as many camps as I can. I am going to try and go to Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Arkansas and Nebraska. I hope to be doing some traveling this summer."

There is a leader for Horton, but ironically, the offer comes from the team that is furthest away. That team has a need at tight end, has the system that he wants to play in and Horton happens to have some connections to the coaching staff at Nebraska.

"I think that Nebraska is the furthest away of all my offers, but they are at the top right now. Oklahoma State is like second and Tulsa is somewhere between third to fifth. I am not really thinking a lot about it until I take the ACT."

"Bill Callahan is there and they run the West Coast offense. They throw the ball a lot more than they used to. I haven't ever been there, but Coach Callahan coached my uncle and one of their coaches played for the Oakland Raiders too."

"My uncle is Rickey Dudley. They know me through him and they have known about me for a while. I haven't had a chance to talk to my uncle about Nebraska and Coach Callahan yet."

Horton will be speaking to his uncle really soon about Nebraska and the coaches at Nebraska. He will also go and get some tips from his uncle that was a first round draft pick, as a tight end, from Ohio State.

"School will be out this weekend and next week I will be heading up to spend some time with my uncle. I am going to head up there to talk to him about Nebraska and Coach Callahan, I will be working out with him a lot and will be working on blocking."

Horton will be looking for the school that provides him the best chance to get to the next level. "Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to play ball in the NFL. I am looking for a school that will help me get to the next level after college."

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