Huskers offer standout JC RB

Last year it seemed that the offensive backfield at Nebraska would be a little crowded. At the end of the year, the Nebraska coaching staff was moving a player from defense to offense to play running back. The Huskers are looking for a couple of running backs this year again and have their eye on one from Los Angeles.

One of the most exciting junior college running backs, in the nation, will be Anthony Dickson this year. The 6-foot-0 and 210-pound Dickson just wrapped up spring ball at Los Angeles (Calif.) Valley C.C.

"It went great," Dickson said. "We are just looking for a quarterback. Our quarterback actually transferred out. We have three quarterbacks and it's a good competition."

While Valley might be looking for a quarterback, the running back is most definitely occupied. "I got running back down, I am holding it down.

The fruits of labor for Dickson are finally starting to show up. During the evaluation period, it was like a revolving door at Valley with the college coaches coming and going.

"I thought that it was great. Hard work is starting to pay off. I have been working hard and it's good to see colleges are interested in me."

Dickson is up to three offers right now. He is holding two from Big 12 teams and one from a PAC 10 team. "I am up to three offers. I have offers from Nebraska, Kansas State and Oregon. The offer from Nebraska is written."

When teams see Dickson they will see a multi-purpose running back with big-play potential. Dickson has the skills that you want at the running back position.

"I am all-purpose back; I have speed and I can run people over. I can do everything from the running back position. Through eight games last year I had 975 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns. I was voted the offensive player of the year in the league."

Out of high school, Dickson missed qualifying and didn't commit or sign with anyone out of high school. "I came from Van Nuys (Calif.) Grant and was a non-qualifier. I was getting interest from Oregon State, but I never committed or signed."

There are a few teams that are standing out for Dickson as of right now. "I am looking at Nebraska, of course, Kansas State, California, Washington and a lot of PAC 10 teams the most."

Dickson admits that he really doesn't know anything about Nebraska, as a school or about the program, but he knows someone out there already. A former rival will more than likely be the starting running back in Lincoln this fall.

"I don't know anything really about Nebraska. I know a player out there though. I was high school rivals with Marlon Lucky who is the running back that is there now."

"Marlon was from North Hollywood and I went to Grant, so we kind of went at it on the football field. In our last game, we ended up winning because I had a 70 yard game winning touchdown."

"Marlon had 300 yards rushing off of about 25 carries and I had about 275 yards off of about 15 carries with three touchdowns. We were in the same league."

Dickson said that he had a chance to see Lucky again last spring when Marlon returned to California. They spoke about Nebraska and Dickson said that Lucky had nothing but positive words to describe his experience at Nebraska.

"I spoke to him last spring, before our season started, because he was out here. He was saying that he loved it at Nebraska. He said that he was working hard to be the starter this year."

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