Huskers after two-way Texas standout

With all the specialization going on in the game of football, sometimes it's just nice to have someone who can do it all. You don't know what position they will play, but you know they have the athleticism to do almost anything. That's the luxury Celina , TX standout D'Anton Lynn has. This is one kid you can put just about anywhere and just enjoy the show.

D'Anton Lynn missed 10 games last season. Even in Texas where teams can play up to 16 games in a year, that's a ton. Despite the loss of the entire regular season, though, Lynn proved that on either side of the ball, the 6 foot, 1 inch, 180 pound athlete is a force to be reckoned with.

"After I got back from tearing the ligaments in my ankle, I finished the last six games with five-for-nine throwing for 141 yards and a touchdown. I also had 377 yards rushing and averaged just over eight yards per carry," Lynn said. "I also had 11 receptions for 100 yards and on defense, playing linebacker, I had 57 tackles, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries."

Any questions?

That kind of upside and what he did in such a short span of time, basically trumped Lynn missing almost the entire regular season – to the tune of 11 offers right now, including UCLA, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Iowa, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Penn State, North Texas and Nebraska. And this flurry of attention didn't even start until March of this year. So, it's been a bit crazy, but Lynn puts it into perspective, realizing it's better than nothing at all. "I've been enjoying it, but it's been pretty crazy," he said. "There are coaches stopping by the school, sending letters and I am talking to quite a few of them on the phone."

The schools he's been in contact with the most since this deluge of attention began have been Penn State , Arkansas and UCLA. That's big for Lynn , because the familiarity and comfort level with his potential future coaches is the most important thing to him. "I have to feel comfortable with them and I have to be able to trust them, because I am going to be there for a long time," Lynn said. "When I commit someplace, it's going to be because I feel really good about the coaches there and how I fit in."

Nebraska didn't get into the race quite as quickly as the aforementioned trio, and the offer itself was a bit of a surprise to Lynn . "Up until that offer came, I had gotten some letters from Nebraska , but I had never talked to a coach," Lynn said. "After I got the offer, I gave coach (Randy) Jordan a call and we talked for about half an hour."

It wasn't much time and Lynn hasn't really gotten to learn a lot about Nebraska , but of the unofficial visits he plans on taking, Nebraska now finds itself on the list of places he wants to stop by. "I plan on taking trips out to see UCLA, Texas Tech, Penn State and Arkansas , and I'd like to stop by Nebraska maybe on my way back," D'Anton said. "I have already visited Ohio State once, and I think they could be close to offering me too."

As you might imagine, the positions Lynn is being offered to play varies. He's been talked to about playing anything from running back to receiver, safety and even linebacker. As for Lynn 's preference, he doesn't have one. "I like the idea of just finding what position fits me the best, and go from there. I doubt I commit to any school because of the position they are recruiting me to play. I feel comfortable wherever."

While Lynn doesn't have a preference for position, he certainly has a philosophy, especially as it pertains to which side of the ball he's on. The Huskers are recruiting Lynn to play safety and D'Anton approaches that side with a fairly simple mind-set. "I want to hurt someone on every play," he said. "You try to make statements on both sides, but on defense you do that best by really punishing people out there. So, that's what I try to do."

It's still up in the air for Lynn as just when he'll make his choice, but if he gets in all of his potential unofficial visits, he could decide before his season even begins. But then again, he thought he would certainly have his decision made at some point over the summer, but then came the attention and it's clouded up the picture a bit. "With all these new teams coming in, I have had to kind of sit back and figure out just what I am going to do," Lynn said. "If the offers keep coming, I could end up having to wait until sometime during the season or maybe even longer.

"I'd like to have my decision made before my senior season begins, but I'll just have to see how it goes."

Lynn said that he currently has no favorite amongst his impressive list of offers.

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