Super productive receiver snags offer from NU

You want numbers? Etiwanda ( Etiwanda , CA ) wide receiver Marvin Jones has got them. Try over 1,300 yards receiving as a junior, on for size. The offers are starting to roll in and the big red threw its hat in the ring to try and land one of the most productive receivers in the country.

At just under 6 foot, 2 inches, when you talk about wide receivers you think guys that play a lot out of the slot, and are particularly good with the ball after the catch. That's music to Marvin Jones' ears, because for him, it's all about the Y.A.C.

"Yards after the catch is big with me, because most of the balls I get are hitches, skinny posts or stuff like that, and my job is to take it as far as I can," Jones said. Marvin did that and then some, averaging over 20 yards per catch, scoring 12 times during the 2006 season.

What's even more significant is that Jones said that at the very least, he knew two defenders would be covering him on any given play. "What I got used to seeing was the cornerback about five yards off the line, the linebacker cheating over to my side and the safety was playing me over the top," he said. "I couldn't let that stop me, and one thing I got really good at was finding the gaps between them, and our quarterback was really good at getting me the ball."

When you see that kind of coverage, you realize very quickly that speed and talent won't always save you on the day. You need to be sound from your feet all the way to your hands. It's been one of the biggest reasons Jones cites for his success, as there isn't just one thing that he does to get clear of the many defenders who are locked on him every single down of the game. "If you can't use your hands and feet well, you aren't going to get off defenders very easy," Jones said. "My quickness will get me open sometimes, but when you are seeing that much coverage, you have to be able to do it all."

It's hardly any wonder why Jones' name has started to escalate up the charts in regard to receivers on the west coast. This month alone Jones has added five written offers, taking his total up to eight. Nebraska was number seven on that list, and while Jones isn't completely familiar with the big red, he said he knows enough about them that he's definitely interested in taking a harder look. "I know that their head coach used to coach the Raiders," Jones said of fourth year head coach Bill Callahan. "They run a pro-style offense, and I know they feature the receivers quite a bit."

The lure of the NFL is nice, as is Nebraska 's offense being geared toward an NFL mentality. But Jones said that while he likes the potential of what that system offers, it's not the elite level he's concerned with right now. "The NFL is great and that would be a dream come true to play there, but I'm not choosing a school based on how good my chances are at getting there," he said. "I do care a lot about what system they run and the coaching means a lot too. But that's to make me the best player I can be in college, and doesn't really have anything to do with getting me to the league."

The offer from Nebraska joins the likes of California , Arizona , Arizona State, Colorado , Oregon and Utah. That's stiff competition for a Midwestern powerhouse trying to lure someone from the west coast. And Jones has even been quoted as saying that California is his definite leader right now. Marvin didn't argue that, but said that no matter where CAL stands right now, he's not ready to close to the door on anyone else.

" CAL is great, and I felt real comfortable there and I know a lot about what they are doing on offense, but I can't say that about the other schools recruiting me," Jones said. "I have a chance to check out these other schools and maybe someplace else will feel just as good – maybe better. I don't know, but I have to check out these other places before I make a decision. That way I will know for sure."

Oregon is another team which Jones is eyeing heavily, and they could get an unofficial visit this summer. With the added interest Marvin is getting, he said that it could lengthen the process, but he's still hoping to make a decision before his final season begins. "That would be nice, so I could just concentrate on my season," Marvin said. "But however long it takes, it takes. I'm going to be sure about what I want to do before I do anything at all. So, I know I have to really start looking at these teams and figuring everything out."

As for Nebraska , Jones said that proximity might have meant something at one point, but believes at this point, wherever he fits in the best, that's where he will go. "Distance won't factor into this, because I can't start cutting down my options before I have even started looking," he said. "All my options are wide open and that's how I am looking at everyone. Nobody is out, everyone is in and I just have to narrow it down to the team which fits me the best."

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