Big-bodied Texas receiver racking up offers

Wide receiver Jeffrey Fuller has found his name amongst the elite in prep football. Closing in on 20 written offers, the McKinney Boyd ( McKinney , TX ) standout will probably get even more popular before the season is over. Fuller talked about that, and of his impressive list, just who could have the inside track. See where the Huskers are right now.

Nebraska has gotten used to recruiting bigger receivers. If they are around 6-3 and up, have good hands and feet and are as intelligent as they are athletic – that seems to fit what the big red and probably anyone else is looking for in their ideal ball catcher.

You don't have to look any farther than Jeffrey Fuller to get all that and a little bit more. At 6 foot, 4 inches tall, weighing just over 200 pounds and running a 4.59/40 while being able to jump over 32 inches, on paper this kid's an athletic stud. Add to that a 3.8 GPA and almost 15 yards every time the caught the ball as a junior – that's it, wrap ‘em up, I doubt there's any team that wouldn't take a chance on him.

The Huskers have thrown their hat into the ring for Fuller, and about the Huskers, Jeffrey had this to say. "They like big receivers and the throw the ball a lot, so that's obviously a team I like," Fuller said. "System isn't all that important, but I like how they use wideouts in their system."

Nebraska offered Fuller in writing approximately three weeks ago, joining the likes of Oklahoma, Texas A&M, LSU, Ohio State and Alabama. That's a heck of list, which totals almost 20 right now. And after he's finished with the summer camps and unofficial visits, where he plans to go to Michigan , Ohio State , Texas and Texas A&M for campus, and potentially drop by to visit Florida and Notre Dame, those offers could increase.

All this attention has made him rethink his earlier philosophy, which would have had him staying closer to home. "In some ways location is a factor for me, but if there is a place I feel comfortable at, I don't care where it is, that's where I am going to go," Fuller said. "I know academics are the big one for me though. That's probably going to be the biggest factor in my choice."

Much like an ever-growing number of recruits, Fuller wouldn't mind being able to get his decision out of the way before his final season starts. It's part of the reason why he's doing so much between the time he's going to school and competing in seven-on-seven during the so-called "off-season."

It would appear that the Huskers are more than likely on the outside looking in, but Fuller said that he's definitely not ruling Nebraska out. "I'm not counting anyone out, and there is a lot of time between now and my season starting," Jeffrey said. "I don't know what's going to happen anymore than I know where I am going to go to college. So, I'm not ready to rule anyone out, because these are all great places, and I just have to figure out just how many places I can see and when I can get a chance to see them. Everyone who has offered is still in the mix."

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